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    I have been having a recurring problem with my 6 month old cat. I am currently living in Japan and the vets that I have been to have not been able to diagnose what is causing her symptoms. On multiple occasions she has developed what multiple vets here have referred to as a “cat cold.” She also started to limp on one of her front legs. The common treatment for the “cat cold” was eyes drops, antibiotics, and an assortment of supplements. I then noticed a worm in her stool, so I brought her to the vet again and she was given medication for that. When I felt she was well enough, I got her vaccinated (Rhinotracheitis/Calidivirus/Distemper). After the vaccination, the “cat cold” symptoms came back even worse. Her eyes became very watery, she developed a fever, developed a bump on her back a few inches above her tail, she also began to lose her appetite, began to lose weight and have diarrhea. The doctor prescribed more antibiotics, steroids, and she was given an IV because of her loss of appetite/weight. I started putting Nutrical and Ritezyme in her food and fed her with a syringe. She started to have more energy, started gaining weight, and has now regained her appetite. The diarrhea hasn’t improved much and her anus is very sore. The bump on her back is still there, I think it’s oozing something because her hair in that area is stuck. The vet said he doesn’t know what the bump is, but it’s not a tumor or a cyst. She still has a slight limp as well.

    She has been on antibiotics for what seems like forever, and I think her immune system is weak right now. I would like to take a more natural/holistic approach to her health care from now on. I ordered some supplements: Vibactra – All-Natural Antibiotic Alternative, Amber Technology Adizone C Anti-Inflammatory Pain Reliever, Vetri-Science Omega 3 6 9 Fatty Acid Pet Supplement, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Feline Probiotic, and Tomlyn Immune Support L-Lysine Supplement Powder. I’m hoping with the introduction of these supplements she will get stronger and her symptoms will improve. I would like to know what has been going on with her for the past few months and will the supplements help her with these problems. Thanks for any help!



    I am so sorry that you are going through this with your cat. It could be that she has feline herpes, which is by no means a death sentence but something that she will have for the rest of her life. All of my cats have it, and in times of sickness or stress, it rears it’s ugly head and your cat gets symptoms: runny eyes, nose, sneezing, etc. just like with a cold. L-lysine has helped my cats by adding it to their food–they don’t notice it in their wet food and it helps alleviate their symptoms. I see you have it in your list of medicines, along with probiotics for the immune system health. These are things that I would recommend personally.

    Also, remember we are not vets here, but give advice on our own experience with our own pets. I don’t know why your kitten is limping, but she may have jumped and landed wrong and just needs time to heal. The lump that is oozing is concerning also, but Vetricin is a good topical spray for an abcess, given that that’s what it is. If you can get it in Japan. I cured an abcess on my outside cat by draining the abcess, cleaning the wound with Hibicleanse, then spraying with Vetricin. In a day, it was healed and better.

    Your cat has been through lots of vet visits and medicines and her system is probably on overdrive, trying to fight off any infections PLUS the added stress of vaccinations. Vaccinations take a toll on a kitten in the first few days after, so please realize that. It’s also good that you got her dewormed, since you actually saw a worm. You can put Vaseline or a baby diaper rash treatment like Desitin on her anus to help heal between bowel movements. If she still has diarrhea and you are worried about her becoming dehydrated, make sure you get fluids into her any way you can, even if it’s with a syringe. If the vet didn’t take a fecal sample and she has bad diarrhea, she could have a one celled parasite that the regular dewormer won’t kill. It could be coccidia and they would have to prescribe another drug. You could call them and ask if they checked for and treated her for this. Good luck and keep us posted!

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