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    I need some help.

    I found a stray kitten. She is about 6 weeks old.

    When I found her she was extremely dirty, hungry and scared.

    She was a mess.

    She’s been to the vets, had her shots, got some meds….

    Right now she’s doing really well, she’s finishing meds for a virus but that’s about it.

    I had her using the litter box right away. She was quarantined in the bathroom so really had no other choice. (She had the runs and was sneezing with runny eyes etc etc..thought it was really bad and didn’t want the kids near her)

    After the meds started working

    she was venturing from the bathroom to my room…

    still using the litter in the (master) bathroom.

    She mainly stays in my room/bathroom because some things still spook her (only had her a week) but she’s moving along fast and is very friendly and gets plenty of atention.

    When we go to bed at night she climbs up and plays for a bit then goes to sleep too. But sometime in the early morning she pees at the foot of my bed.

    It’s been 3 nights now. It’s not in the same spot and I do scrub with bleach and wash blankets and sheets. The first night I thought was just an accident. The 2nd night I actually took her to the bathroom with me at 2 am. My bed was dry then.. but at 6am when we woke for the morning it was wet again.

    I scrubbed the bed..let dry..put on plastic, then a comforter (not the one she peed on) then covered that with a sheet. Woke up this morning to pee on my bed again. She didn’t get under the blanket .. she peed on top of the blanket we were using…

    During the day she uses her litter for everything. It is cleaned daily..

    I did notice when I had her on the bed during the daytime after some time she went to the foot of the bed and started the scratching thing like in the litter pan. I immediately moved her to the pan..she didn’t go. So I stayed in the bathroom, after a few mins she ate a bit of dry drank some water then went to the pan. She peed.

    She only climbs up into the bed if someone is in it. So there’s never any pee during the day.

    I definitely don’t need pee in my bed…and when she starts running through the house my kids beds or the (new)furniture.

    Sorry about the book but I wanted to give as much info as I could.

    I did consider:

    *locking her in the bathroom (where the litter is)for the night

    – but wouldn’t she do it again after a few days of that?

    and I don’t really want to lose any more sleep to the constant meowing

    I’m sure to hear.

    * taking away the water after a certain time

    – being almost 7 weeks I’m not sure if she is too young to go without for a few hours?

    — she does have a follow up tomorrow. I’m sure there is no additional problems. She has been gaining weight, eating, playing and using the litter pan with no issues.




    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    She might be too young or is a little afraid to get off the bed during the night/dark. Can you maybe try a little kitty bed for her in the bedroom but on the floor? Or could it be that your bed covering is soft, I know that if I have certain materials for rugs, pillows, towels, and bed coverings one of my kitties who passed away would pee on it for sure without a doubt and never failed….I always assumed that the material was comforting to them in that situation so I just didn’t buy or use them….just a thought.



    Maybe it’s the softness. I didn’t think about that.

    She does get up/down herself at night.

    Maybe she’s just too comfortable to leave? lol.

    I can try her own little kitty bed and hope she likes it enough to stay there and not back up to me. During the day when she naps she sleeps under the bed…maybe if I put a bed there too.

    I definitely can’t sleep without my pillowtop bed with soft sheets… but maybe I can find a rougher covering.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    I almosted adopted her out as we were not in the market for a kitty…she’s just too darned cute and after the vet, very expensive! lol.

    I suppose I should be getting a scratching post now also before it’s too late.

    It’s been so long since I’ve had a cat. Good thing I have wood floors since I obviously found a kitty who likes to pee in comfort.

    Thanks again!



    My kitten did the same thing at the start, we had a couple of bed wetting accidents. The thing is that though she reliably uses the litter tray I STILL catch her scratching/trying to dig on the foot of the bed as if to go and have to put her down (and as long as i make as if to go with her then she’ll run by herself to the bathroom to her litter tray). I only have a small 1 bedroom flat so she never has far to go and it’s been months since she Actually had an accident in bed (she is nearly 4 months old now and the accidents happened when she was 5/6 weeks old). I use clay litter (catsan) so it’s not in anyway like the cotton covers of the bed.

    Sorry I don’t have a solution but it seems somewhat attached not wanting to leave the room I’m in and it sounds like your kitten is also very attached to you already. I didn’t try putting a litter box beneath the foot of the bed but it could be an idea…(I don’t really want a litter tray in my bedroom).


    She’s just a baby and will have accidents, but I think she’s marking her territory, meaning YOU in the bed. Try a Feliway diffuser in the bedroom or use the spray on your bed covers. Also put “Kitten Attract” litter in the pan–PetSmart or Petco carries it.



    Sounds like she is marking her territory. If she’s only been with you for a week, she could be extremely insecure with her new surroundings, and marking spots where she feels safe would be a way for her to psychologically comfort herself. Especially considering she has used her litterbox with no issues.

    Have you tried confining her to a room? Not as punishment, but as a place where she can be safe and become more secure in her new surroundings and find her feet and gradually adjust to being in a new home?

    It is also really important that you use an ezyme cleaner to clean the spots where she has peed, and on the blankets/comforters as well. Even if we think the pee is gone and we cant smell it anymore, the kitties can, and they will keep going back to the spot to mark it again.

    Feliway diffusers have a really good reputation amongst the tdk family – I have never used them myself, but anything you can do to help her feel safe in her new home would be good.



    Ok, I am definitely going to get the diffusers and everything else listed above.

    She is confined to my bedoom/bathroom. The door to my room is always slightly open in case she decides to go explore and she’s only done it once or twice.

    I have to think dog in some ways I guess. We had one clear night but she did it again this morning, almost on me.

    It’s only when someone (mosly me) is in the bed. Not one accident no matter what type of bedding during the day.

    Her name is Sally btw. The two younger kids helped name her the night before she went to the vet. That was our good juju, naming her so she’d come back ok.

    She is doing very well. She loves playing with all the kids and cuddling with them. She is my kitty parrot. When I’m reading or on the computer she climbs to my shoulder and settles in.

    My dog is not allowed in my room right now so like a good boy he lays outside the door. Sally actually approached him all hunched up as he watched nicely, and swatted him on the nose and ran. He was nice about it and just jumped back.

    So I think she is doing fine with adjusting at her own pace. My dog is huge.

    All her cuts and bruises have healed nicely and she is looking great. She is playing a ton and is getting used to the normal house things rather than being spooked with things as simple as a doorstop lol.

    I’ll see how things go after I buy the stuff today and will report back if it works.

    Thank you all for replying!



    I spoke too soon.

    Last night I found poo in my bed. The diffuser was plugged in and nobody was in the bedroom at that time.

    So, I cleaned everything, stripped the bed and used the enzyme formula.

    She was out in the living room with us playing while we were watching t.v. and waiting to flip my laundry.

    I actually took away her water last night.

    Even though the litter was scooped I dumped and refilled.

    She was put in the bathroom (where the litter is) in the early morning for about 2 hours. Husband let her out while getting ready for work. I got to sleep a bit more but when I got up and went to get my coffee, I came back ….she had peed in the bed again. Now I know she was in the litter before I got out of bed because I heard her scratching.

    She didn’t spend all night in bed with us either. She was playing for a bit and I assumed because I didn’t see her or hear her she napped in her little spot under the bed. I had the gate at the hall so the dog wouldn’t sleep outside our room and maybe spook her. She has been playing and walking past him with no problems. He is vey calm around her anyway. She left the room on her own yesterday and went playing in my son’s room.

    I’m really getting tired of cleaning up the bed everyday.

    I’ll put a litter pan in the bedroom today and see if that works.

    I have to get this figured out before she does it in my kids bed and husband relocates her to the barn.

    I’ve been through 4 different sheets and 3 different blankets/comforters.

    I can’t find anywhere else she might have gone so far it has only been my bed.

    I’ve never had any animals in this bed before and it has been stain/pee free up until now.

    Any other ideas?



    I don’t like saying this, but I would get fed up with the cleaning as well. If you were to shut her out of your bedroom at night? If she only pees on your bed at night while you are sleeping?



    I just recently adopted a kitten and due to his very sad crying, I let him sleep with me. Which was fine. But during the day he would refuse to use his litter and instead would pee and poo on my things. I noticed that at night he has started to inch closer to me. Today was the last straw. I called the foster and asked what litter she had used and found that the litter I had bought was probably too strong for his little nose. So I got a different kind that had no particular smell, transferred him to the empty bedroom we currently have and set up a new bed, a lamp and his toys and food in the room. He had absolutely no problems after changing the litter and literally scrambles to get to the box. I also put an unwashed shirt of mine in his bed and when I last checked he was comfortably snuggling with it. He hasn’t had any problems today. You may want to consider trying foil as well with the shiny side up. Most cats that I’ve been around greatly dislike the sound and feel of foil.

    Remember, they are babies and sometimes the only way to get a baby to sleep is to let them cry it out, as hard as that may be.


    Good advice! Also, try several types of litter and see which she prefers; I still recommend Kitten Attract.



    Hi. New to the forum and have a 6week old kitten. I could have written this post almost to the tee!

    Have you found a solution to your problem?

    I’m getting desperate!



    My kitten did the same when we just bought here. Either she is too afraid of the dark or maybe she is just marking the place. But I don’t think that it’s a territorial issue since your kitten is too young and as far as I can read your post there does not seem to be any threat. Just give her sometime and let her get adjusted to the routine.

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