Our beloved Emilio passed away. Was it a fish bone?

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    Emilio was diagnosed with HCM at 8 weeks old. He was about to become four. We found him dead at our door steps. It had just happened. His body was totally warm and limp. He had had his annual check up last week and everything was fine (we took medication to control the HCM morning and night). We had seen him half an hour before. No signs of distress at all.

    When we found him, his body there was no sign of trauma at all.

    The death was sudden and it might have been his heart.

    But, last night he stole a piece of baked salmon from my son’s plate. It had a rather large bone. I thought about taking him to the veterinary but my husband thought it was not necessary.

    Through the day he acted normal. Ate and defecated normally. And 20 min before his death he was perfect.

    Could it have been the fish bone that killed him?
    Not sure if we will have an autopsy done on Emilio but the doubt is killing me. And the guilt too.

    Does any one knows if a cat drops dead 20 hrs after ingesting a fishbone and without showing any signs of distress?




    I’m so sorry your Emilio has passed away. It hurts to lose our fur babies.

    I think it’s impossible to know what really happened to Emilio. He did have a heart condition. Also, cats don’t normally swallow whole bones so you would have seen some distress.

    Take comfort in knowing all his purrs and how much he loved you and your family. He is watching over you from across the Rainbow Bridge.




    I am so sorry you have lost your beloved Emilio. Although it’s hard to know for certain why something happens, somehow we feel if we just knew it would make us feel better. I would say given that he had HCM, that is what he died from. Since you think that he might have ingested a fish bone, he would have probably have shown some distress if it had lodged in his throat: gagging, coughing, etc., or if it had moved further, he would have been vomiting, acting lethargic and ill. Since he showed no signs of that, he probably didn’t die from the bone.

    It is never easy when we lose our beloved family members. Find comfort knowing that he was loved and he knew it and lived his life, even though it was way too short, comfortable, well fed and doing the things he loved right until it was time for him to leave you.



    Sadly, there are tragedies that can never be explained.

    I’m so sorry thqt Emilio is no longer with you. But in the all too brief time before he left for the Rainbow Bridge, he knew only your love.

    Take good care.



    Thank you very much for all your input and your kind words.

    Our family is very sad and, my dear daughter Emma is devastated. Emilio was her big love!

    We have been to the vet this morning. She confirmed that he didn’t died from the fish bone or any kid of trauma. He looked so much in peace (just the way I found it) that she believes he didn’t suffer.

    We take confort in knowing that he died doing what he loved the most: being inside. And that he probable headed home when he didn’t feel good, to be with us. He just didn’t make it to the window, as he always did.

    We know he had the best life. He was truly and fully loved, pampered, cherished. And, wherever he is, he is not in pain.

    We hope the pain will recede soon and that the so many good memories will linger.

    Thanks again for your empathy! [code]



    đŸ˜„ I am glad you are finding peace in knowing that he didn’t suffer. I know how much losing your cat leaves the biggest hole where he lived…

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