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    Basically. My hubby and i rescued a little boy kitten. We found him hoirs old he fell out of our trucks engine area. I woke up every 2 hrs and syringe fed him KMR for the first 2 weeks than starred on his bottle 🙂 he is now 7 weeks tomrrow :). Weighs 1 lb active and healthy.. We finalllly got him to eat wet food he wont drink water yet. How much KMR does he still need? And how much pate, i just let him eat when he wants. Our lil Yoda Parker is a trooper [code][/code]



    I’ll post some links for you that may answer some questions for you. But sounds like you are doing all the right things. I would feed him like you are…put wet food down and let him eat until he’s finished. You can mix some formula in with it to make sure he is getting enough liquid and extra nutrition until you use up your KMR. KMR is good for any cat at any time even as a treat. I switched to goat’s milk though because it’s so much cheaper and it’s a great treat plus it’s full of probiotics for their gut..it helps boost their immune system.

    Cats aren’t water drinkers like dogs. I always add a little water to their wet food (my cats are adults) so they get the added hydration.


    Bottle Babies



    Leiah and hubby,

    Thanks for rescuing Lil Yoda Parker and giving him a furever home. You’re doing great work raising him. Fur moms keep nursing them up to 12 weeks, however, most hoomins stop at 6-8 weeks. This is a good time to start weening him. It’s not a problem if he continues with KMR and he’ll get extra liquid. Pate is excellent for kittens because they can slurp it down. Canned food provides more moisture than dry, which can be useful in keeping your kitten well hydrated. Kitten need the extra nutrition in kitten food so make sure that’s what you’re giving him. Some have a 3x day feeding schedule – 1/3 can. Pick up the food after 10 mins. You don’t want to leave wet food out.

    Dry food is OK and can be left out but dry food has a lot of carbohydrates and no moisture. FYI-Meow Mix is the least nutritious of cat food.

    Other TDKers will chime in with their advice so you can work a schedule for your whole family.


    Good Luck

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