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    I recently took on a 3 week old kitten, born Aug. 20th, that had been abandoned by its mother. The person that had her before me said they tried to put her back with the litter but the mother wouldn’t accept her. She is eating pretty well I think, approximately every 3 hours and up to 5 during the night. I’m not too concerned with that. She’s been away from her mother since Sept. 10th possible before that. The person that had her before me was feeding her canned KMR and I have been giving her the powder kind. Since I got her on the Saturday the 11th I have been stimulating her to go to the bathroom and she did not poop until Monday morning. She pooped again the next morning and then last night she went in the litter pan on her own and pooped. Since then she has been pooping every few hours just a little bit on her own sometimes in the box sometimes near it. Today, since my vet okayed it, I mixed a little kitten wet food in her bottle with the formula to start the weaning process. She seemed to like it. But today the pooping every couple hours has continued and she cries during. The consistency color also worry me a little. It’s ranged from runny to almost toothpaste and the color is somewhat yellow and even some white parts sometimes. It’s also slimy or mucusy. She saw the vet on Tuesday and he said she looked good and he gave her that yellow dewormer so I thought maybe that could be causing this.

    Also she has yet to go pee by herself yet, I have still been stimulating her after every meal for that. Is that odd? I’ll be calling the vet tomorrow to be safe but I thought I would look around the internet for help first.



    Her poop sounds normal to me, and yes the wormer could have a lot to do with the frequency of her pooping. As long as she likes the wet food mixed with the KMR, I would keep doing it. I did that with my own kittens. Keep stimulating her to pee too, until she figures out that she can do it on her own. If she quits pooping on her own, stimulate for that too. I’ll post some links for kitten care, you might find them helpful. I refer to them when I am hand rearing myself.



    Thanks for the reply! Her poop has continued to be very runny and her anus is very swollen and sore. She cries a lot because she cannot get comfortable. I’m not sure what to do. I don’t think I can stimulate her to go potty it’s so raw down there. I read somewhere else that at her age if I leave her be she will figure out that she can urinate. I also applied Neosporin to the area. It’s seemed to allow her to get comfortable enough to sleep at least. According to one of the links you gave me it sounds like a may be overfeeding. I didn’t know I had to worry about that! I was just letting her drink what she wanted! She’ll be going to the vet tomorrow but any other advice in the meantime would be great!



    I have a kitten who was born aug 29th. Its been with me since labor day. I’ve raised kittens, but always with the litter and mother. Its been really strange and hard! My vet told me something that may apply to your situation. They sometimes pee or poop in the nest and eat it before we see it. Gross, but if they remember mom doing it,it’s no biggie to them. My baby pooped so much after I switched from cat milk to formula when he came to me. It was yellowy but it changed to Brown after a week.now I rarely see him poop because he eats it :_(!Good luck, I hope your baby feels better.

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