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    im new on this site

    Hey, my new kitten woke me up at like 5 am and it hasnt stop meowing since. (its 6:27am now)

    -i picked it up and pet it for a little then let it go about an hour ago

    -now it wont let me touch it. it runs away from me but keeps meowing.

    -its always been a timid cat.

    -i was told to ignore it so it gets used to not being pampered and it dwindled the meowing

    -my friend took its sibling cat and that kitten is playful and accustomed to people =(

    -i took it home from its mother yesterday and it didnt meow or anything til this morning, it has food and water so idk wats wrong

    -also, ima take it to the vet 2day for a simple check up, it keeps getting gunk around its eye



    Hi Emibeast, welcome to TDK. If you just brought your kitten home yesterday it’s probably pretty scared being in a new situation and away from mom and siblings. Did you spend time with the kitten before bringing it home? If not, you’re a stranger to it and it needs time to get used to you. Try sitting quietly somewhere where the kitten can see you, but basically ignore it, don’t look at it or reach for it. It should (hopefully) eventually get curious and come to investigate you. If it does, talk to it in a low, quiet voice, and pet it very gently if it will let you touch. Also, it probably shouldn’t have the run of the whole house just yet, can you confine it to a single room, like a bedroom, with its food and litterbox? That way it won’t be quite so overwhelmed.

    You might try getting it a stuffed animal as a buddy, some kittens like that after they get taken away from their families.

    Good luck and congrats on the new kitten! What’s it’s name?




    hmm, it worked, i petted it and took it out a bit

    its named id CuDi, Kitty CuDi. alo, kno anything about kitten pinkeye?



    I don’t know anything about pinkeye in kittens, but I’m sure there will be lots of people here who do and you’ll get good advice.



    yea, ima take it to a vet, ive been around it its whole life but not for log,, maybe 3hrs a week. now im always around it, thx for the help



    Pamper your pet. You have nothing to lose. That’s the thing about kittens; they are cute, sweet natured and demanding. Just make the kitten know it is loved.

    And the kitten will love you.

    It’s a two-way street.

    How old is the kitten and what sex?



    Hi Emma, glad to see you checked in. Hope I did OK with the advice, I was trying to remember all the useful stuff I’ve read here.



    Welcome, Em. I agree that kitty is probably scared and just needs some TLC.

    I know nothing about pinkeye in cats, but I raise rabbits and treat their eye problems with a weak solution of baby shampoo and water. Works wonders for bunnies, but a vet will know best what to do for the kitty.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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