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    Mad Hatter Day celebrates the Mad Hatter, from Alice In Wonderland. The original picture of the Mad Hatter by John Tenniel in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (more commonly known as Alice In Wonderland, by Lewis Caroll) always depicts him wearing a hat, bearing the note “In This Style 10/6”. Although we know this is really an order from the time the picture was drawn to mean a hat in that style cost 10 Shillings and Sixpence, we take this as inspiration to act in the style of the Mad Hatter on 10/6 (In the UK this would point to the tenth of June, but as the day was founded in America it is the 6th of October).

    shark kitty

    wizard kitty

    irish kitty

    sweater hat kitty



    Crossover Pic –

    I didn’t make it to yesterdays Cafe but have read it. Airy took a tethered balloon ride when she was in the US and has said ‘never again’.
    I get the impression she didn’t enjoy it. When she was at uni there was an annual Night Burn of mass hot air balloons and it was amazing when put to music. They used to drift over the houses and scare the cat with their burning sounds.
    PG, I did say be gentle on yourself. Definitely be patient. At least you are an equal opportunity bonker on the head when it comes to the kits. No one can claim to be more hard done by than the others. It’s not intentional and they will forgive you, especially if they get a treat or two.
    Oh PM, the noise does scare them doesn’t it, I guess because they can’t figure out were it’s coming from.
    We had amazing weather yesterday and reached 22C-71F but today we were back to showers and cooler temps. The weekend has a deluge forecast for us.
    😥 🙁 😥
    It is midnight so I had better head for bed.

    Catch you all on the flip side.



    LOVE the funny pics today! Thank you all!

    It’s dreary here today, but by no means cold. Sort of drizzly, but it’s okay, we could use a break from the sun, dust, and pollen.

    PG, so glad that you are starting to really feel good again. PLEASE (like MS said) be patient with yourself. You do not want to have to recover from an injury, your knee surgery is recovery enough!! Once the anesthetic starts to wear off (and for me it took several days) you really start feeling much better. I still know that my hip gets better and I have more flexibility each week. Just in time to get the other one done…. 😳



    Paw up waves…TGIF…finally, sure seemed slow to get here!
    Hee hee…fun theme, adding my 2.5 cents or 10/6 shillings 😉
    cat mad hatter lol
    Grey drizzly this AM but didn’t stop diva Kiki and Bubba Oj from stopping by for Nomz…they’re getting more trusting as days go on!

    Slow for moment for 2 bosses gone for part of day…will be back bit later.
    New guy is fitting in…we will celebrate his b’day w/treats next week as welcome!
    Hmm…Happy Hour is already happening on Mad Hatter’s Time 😀
    mad hatter happy hour
    Ok, need to grab cuppa brew & back to part 1 day 5s fun…later/hopeful.!



    hehehehe …. pics are hilarious today! Looks like Nate will be headed toward NO, but being on the east side of it, we’ll get lots of rain this weekend …. suits me, I love rainy days and it keeps the temps tolerable ….. Caddy must sense the storm coming, she’s spent the last two days on her cat tree, top shelf on the porch …. it’s her ‘safe’ place during rain storms, cause I put the hurricane screens down and ‘cater’ to her needs by serving regular snacks of ‘stinky’ tuna on the porch ….

    I’m reading a really good book ‘the Other Einstein’, the story of Albert’s first wife, Mileva, who in and of herself was a brilliant physics mind, but was overshadowed by her famous husband …. It interested me because we watched the ‘Genius’ made for TV series not too long ago, and it developed her character very well IMHO … anyway, I’m enjoying it! …..

    Finished my work early today, making Mr. AV take me out for our usual Friday date night, have a great TGIF everyone!!



    Me too AV–on out for Friday night–Mr. KZ isn’t working tonight, it’s too wet so he can’t get out of this one! 😆 Love hearing how you cater tuna to your kitties…LOL, I am doing the same for the newby Harvest–she loves her wet food and it doesn’t matter what kind it is. Maxwell has really never liked wet food, but loves his crunchies and eats them with his paw.

    Avery and I have been coloring and playing doll house. It’s great having a toddler around, gets you in touch with your inner child! 😛



    Happy Weekend Kits…back on triple flip!
    Kliban cat weekend



    MS, the cat in The Cat In The Hat getup is adorable! (I hat some tea, teeheehee!) Sorry about the deluge.
    Nice to get in touch with your inner child, KZ – playing house on a rainy day sounds great! Maxwell eats his crunchies with his paw? That’s so cute!
    I know I missed JK, but I’m so happy to hear the updates on your outdoor kitties. Glad the newbie is working out. What better than a birthday celebration to help one feel welcome at the new job.
    Hope you are having a blast on your date, AV. Caddy’s setup sounds so cozy; Leela may come thru the wormhole one of these days to check it out.
    Last night was rainy so tonight I enjoyed the Harvest moonrise. Huey and Star joined me, so I got lots of leg rubs and they got lots of loving. Dewey is snoozing on a cat perch inside. He lost his collar…again. Just got new ones from Amazon so I plan to put one on him tomorrow as well as Mama Cat if I see her. In the meantime I’m mentioning to neighbors that if they see any white collars to just chuck them in my yard so I can put them back on. At least I know the breakaway collars are doing what they are supposed to do!
    Finally feeling better after having what I assume was a stye for the past few days. Went to bed Tuesday with some pain in my eye, and woke to lots more pain and a swollen eye. Boss offered antibiotics (a perk of working for a doctor), but I figured I’d give it a few days first. Glad I did, because today I woke to find it much better with hardly any pain, swelling or itchiness.
    Nice weather around here in Jersey. Tomorrow looks good too, with rain arriving on Sunday. Might be a good day to settle in with a book…



    HI all, it’s been an overcast but not too dull day here with occasional mist fine showers. Now the darker clouds are rolling in and the real rain won’t be far behind. Yay a day off for Mr MS but a day with no income but a chance to get the books all up to date.
    JK, I love the Cheshire cat pic and phrase you posted, from experience it pretty much describes most of us here in the nicest possible way of course.
    😆 🙄 😛
    Woohoo on new guy having a birthday so soon after beginning there.
    AV, deep sigh on yet another hurricane or tropical storm. At least this one is giving Florida a rest. That book on the ‘other Einstein’ sounds really interesting and I have never heard of Mileva sad to say.
    KZ, love how Avery helps your inner child escape.
    😛 🙂
    JJ, glad you got to see the full moon, it was so dark with cloud cover last night and probably the same tonight. Dewey has a plan to lose every collar you put on him. Ouch the eyes stye sucks monkey toes doesn’t it. Glad it is healing now.



    Funny, as yesterday I set off to buy not one but TWO red bérets yesterday! I had to take a bus from a stop around the corner from my place to the other end of the 160 line, to a desolate “ghost mall” called Décarie Square (or Carré Décarie in French, but it is just as desolate in any language.

    At that mall is a shop for wigs and hats, including special care for chemo and other hair-loss clients. But they also have a great collection of hats, in particular my signature bérets. I bought a cotton Parkhurst béret in a lovely red-pepper red (a “kind” bright red, not the garish one) called “Roman Red” and also a winter béret in “Merlot”. Parkhurst hats are made in Toronto, in a factory with decent working conditions.

    I feel as happy as a 6-year-old with my peppery béret!

    No, they don’t make bérets for cats, as far as I know.

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