October 5, 2017 – Balloons Around the World Day

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    They float through the air and celebrate birthdays, they decorate grand openings of businesses and are used in medical treatments, they’ve been used as forms of luxury transportation, and the quietest of military infiltration, what are they? They’re balloons! Balloons Around The World Day celebrates these marvels that we’ve all experienced, and that have been used in a million different ways for a million different purposes. From their use in art to every other feasible application, balloons are amazing!

    cat and balloon

    up up and away

    kittens and balloons



    Love this JJ! Can’t help but think of Wizard of OZ!! Lol
    …. my mil took all grandkids on a hotair balloon ride on their 13th bday ….. both son and dau said it was one of their fav life experiences!



    Hubby and I went on a hot air ballon ride several years ago, it was awesome!



    Paw up waves…in li’l early before attend to pile o’ billy buds on desk…wishes for a pawsome Thursday!
    Hee hee fun theme:
    felix cat hot air balloon
    Cool kitty fun…never was on a hot air balloon ride…bet it WAS Fun Joan!

    OK, now time for cuppa fave brew and back to desk…later/hopeful

    Oops…almost forgot – mwah, smooch for Tux disguised as blow up balloon – like Kitteh 😉
    tuxie blow up kit



    Good morning all! Rainy day here, and very welcome too. Ahhh, hopefully it will knock some of the pollen and dust out of the air. These darned farmers know how to stir up some dust! 😆

    JJ, I meant to comment on you figuring out Harvets’ name…I don’t know why, but when dau mentioned it, it seemed like the perfect fit! I hadn’t given much thought to naming her yet, but she definitely is a fixture here now, even though Maxwell hisses and swats at her. She doesn’t seem to give a flip though, as long as she gets cheek and chin scritches.

    I’ve never ridden in a hot air balloon either, I think I would be scared out of my wits though. We sure have found lots of balloons over the years in our fields that people have released for whatever reason.

    Off to figure out lunch and who’s eating here today…later!



    Paw up pm waves…back for more fun before start part 2 day 4…
    It’s grey yet still relatively mild as 60s today!
    Allergies acting up here too…gaah…took couple meds as help…feel better.
    Still need Kleenex kit as purry meds!
    kit in tissue box
    Aw, li’l maine coon to rescue…:)

    OK…back to my desk/back on flip as TGIF!



    7 days since surgery and I’m feeling better. I have more flexibility in my leg and the PT is happy. He said I need to stop trying so hard (be patience) or I’m going to create problems. So much for that marathon in November! 😆 😆 My next PT is on Friday.

    It’s wonderful dropping to reading everyone’s days. The weather is driving my nephew crazy. He’s got bad allergies and the weather has been cold, hot, cold, windy, warm, windy….that’s this past week.

    The kits are fine. I bonked each of them in the head with the walker so they know to keep their distance. poor babies 😥

    It’s time for pain meds. Cya and have a happy~




    Love that Felix hot-air balloon! I’ve never been up in one either, and wouldn’t – not from fear of heights but from a horror of being that close to the burner. I used to live under the flight path of hot air balloons following the Yarra River into central Melbourne and my kits were terrified at the noise of the burners.



    There’s an awesome ballon festival in October and the whole time I lived in Albuquerque “oh, yea I’m going to do it” well, guess what?! I like the Garfield and Bugs Bunny ones.



    What I found so surprising about the hot air balloon ride was that my tummy didn’t do somersaults. It’s difficult to describe, but there was no up/down stomach churning feeling.

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