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    My kitten (the vet guesstimates 3-4 weeks, but I’m leaning a little more towards the 3 weeks side as he is still very small) has not gained any weight since yesterday and pooped in his bed last night. He’s never done that before and it was his usual poop, but quite a lot of it – runny, but dark brown. He pooped in his bed again this morning between 3 hr feedings, but now seems a little weaker and more tired. Not as active and just wants to cuddle up and sleep. I tried switching to goats milk but that really did give him full on diarrhea, so I’m considering the possibility that 1) he may be lactose intolerant, 2) the back-and-forth is still wrecking havoc on his digestive system.

    My question is: Is this normal? I think he’s too young to be introduced to a litter box and almost definitely to solid food (again, 3-4 weeks old and only 8 oz!), but everything I’ve read online seems to imply that’s the time to introduce them to a litter box…



    The goat’s milk causing diarrhea would be unusual since it doesn’t contain much lactose at all. I’m wondering if maybe you should take him to the vet and have them take a fecal sample for parasites.

    He could be a small cat and then the runt of the litter, which would be normal for him to be behind on size and development. Remember, the general rule of guidelines are only an average–some do things before and some after when others do them. You could add a little wet food juice/gravy to the milk he is drinking to give him added nutrition.



    I don’t know if they do this everywhere. But in my town, I can take fecal samples straight to the lab without going through the vet. I didn’t know until a few weeks ago. But it’s crazy cheap. Only 13$ if I bring it straight to lab. Something you can call about I’m sure



    good to know, thanks



    Thank you! The vet said it was either 1) parasite, as you suggested, 2) his digestive system, which he will eventually grow out of…even if it is when we switch to solid food, or 3) beginning of FKS, which she didn’t think was the case as he was still eating, peeing, grooming himself, etc. They did take a fecal sample and there was no parasite, so I’m assuming it is/was the formula (such a relief).

    Thanks again!

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