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    Jerry P.

    I took in four orphans that somebody abandoned at my doorstep. They were 1-2 days old, and I’ve been feeding them lactose-free milk for 9 days now. They’ve been doing alright according to how I read that healthy kittens should be, except that the stools never had the “tooth paste” consistency I keep reading about. They’re not really hard, but they’re not as soft as tooth paste (they have the right color though), but all of the kittens have been defecating alright (sometimes even more than once a day).

    Yesterday, while I was stimulating one of them, the stool broke when it was halfway out. I could see the part that remained inside because the tip was protruding from his anus. It wouldn’t come out with more stimulation, so I let it be and figured that it’d come out later (I stimulate them once every too feeds). Every time I stimulated him the stool would come out just enough to be seen, but it wouldn’t go through, so I’d leave it for the next time (at some point he started complaining, I don’t know if it’s too big and it hurts or if he’s sore because of trying to push it out).

    When I stimulated him for the first time in the morning (today), nothing would come out or even peek, so I figured that his brothers made him push it out during the night (there are always a couple stools in the box when I check it after a few hours). However, the second time I stimulated him, he started pushing and the stool peeked again; once more it wouldn’t go through. I don’t know if it’s the same stool that moved deeper inside during the night (therefore it didn’t peek the first time) or another stool that’s also hard to push out, but either way I need to help him somehow.

    Last night I lubed his anus with cooking oil hoping that when the stool goes back inside it would suck some of the oil and start lubricating the anus from the inside. Maybe that helped him push it out over the night and this is a different stool, or maybe not. Anyway, I need to know what can I do to make him push it out. Pulling the stool is out of the question because it seems really thigh and I don’t want to cause a prolapse or tearing.


    Jerry P.

    Update. I asked my mother, she’s a doctor. She told me to use a thermometer. When I approached the kitten he had a stool on his leg, so I guess his brothers must’ve licked him and that made him push it (they were all hungry and sucking on each other). I decided to carry on the deed anyway: First I held a cotton soaked in lukewarm water again his bottom for a couple minutes, then I lubed it with cooking oil and massaged it with my finger, then I lubed the tip of the thermometer and inserted less than half an inch into his anus. I moved it around in circles softly, but I couldn’t feel anything hard enough to be a stool. Also, when I pulled the thermometer out, a gape remained for a few seconds and I could see the pink color of his insides.

    This makes me think that the stool he had on his leg was the one he was having trouble to push, but I still don’t quite believe it because it’s incredibly tiny for all the trouble it caused. It’s a semi-round stool probably the size of a human pupil, and I was expecting something way thicker and longer. Just doesn’t feel right, but my mother says that I worry too much and that the same thing happens to human babies all the time. Thoughts?



    Welcome Jerry to TDKland! It makes me mad when people dump kits like that but I’m so happy they have you. Thanks for caring for the abandoned kits! We forget how little our kits are but if you’re able to see pink then you did good or rather, his brother did good.

    As long as your kits are eating, pooping and getting around then you’re doing a good job. Keep it up and don’t worry so much (yes your mom is right). 🙂

    Hopefully, we’ll see your clowder of kits as our Daily Kittens soon.

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