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    Hello everyone,

    I recently found two kittens in my neighbourhood, which was abandoned by the mother. They were actually 3 of them, scattered around our housing complex.

    1st Kitten
    Found with placenta/umbilical cord still attached in my neighbours mailbox. Luckily enough my hands fit and the kitten was close enough for me to grab

    2nd Kitten
    This was more tragic, as here were are in midst of a monsoon, so its been raining non-stop. I heard cries of a kitten not a few hours after i found the first, and it was in a puddle in my neighbours yard. However, this particular kitten has had the umbilical cords removed by the mama. The poor thing was drenched and soaked in the cold weather overnight

    3rd Kitten
    I heard cries of another kitten the next day and to my surprise it was in another mailbox few houses down my street. Sadly though it was too far in and the owners were out. So i couldn’t save it, sadly. This too has the umbilical cord still attached at it has began to smell rotten.

    The first kitten is still doing okay 3 days in, but sadly the second kitten passed yesterday from fading kitten syndrome. Brought it to the vet twice to help but there wasn’t much to be done. At least it was warm and dry when it passed. Sigh.

    The Issue;
    The first kitten drinks so much milk. So so much, and I’m using KMR. I am mixing about 1 scoop of powder + 1 1/2 scoops of water to yield approx. 1 oz. or 25-30 mL

    It is finishing all of it on a daily basis, and the pee is pale yellow so hydration is good. I keep her on a hot water bottle too, so she’s always very warm.

    I never force her to drink, I simply put the bottle and she’ll have however much she wants, is this a bad way to do it? Should I ration more for her?

    She also seems very active and can climb onto me on her own effort, that’s great for a 3 day old kitten IMO.

    However, while her first stool was yellowish-brown and toothpaste like, her 2nd and 3rd stool so far has just been almost purely mucus with some stool in it. The mucus is yellowish in appearance.

    Attached is a photo of the mucus that i wiped from its tush earlier today.

    She doesn’t seem to be having diarrhoea i think as this is only the third bowel movement in 2 days, or is that too much?

    Thanks everyone, and I eagerly await your feedback.

    Sorry if the photo disgusts anyone, I really do apologise but I need the assistance.

    Mucus Stool




    In the mailbox…. hmm. Thanks for rescuing the kittens. No one knows why the mom abandoned him or her. Some moms just don’t know what to do. The little ones have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and esp. the 2nd one knew a few moments of love.

    Kittens will eat as much as they need so you shouldn’t ration her. You may think it’s a lot but apparently she doesn’t agree. KMR is the go-to for kittens but we have found the concentrate tends to give kits constipation and the liquid does the opposite. In TDKland, we recommend Goats’ milk for kittens. Cats are lactose intolerant and can’t digest cows milk (who knew?). Goats’ milk is full of nutrients, probiotics and gentler on their tummies. This can also regulate the poop. You can find it in the dairy section or the concentrate in the baking aisle. Mix the concentrate 1:1 with water or pedylite.

    The poop looks normal. As long as she doesn’t have diarrhea, she is doing good. You are right about her actively level. Playing and trying to jump on you is almost unheard of in one so little.

    She probably has worms as many outdoor moms do. In about 3-4 weeks, take her to the vet for deworming. Since she wasn’t outside for long, I’m hoping she doesn’t have fleas/mites but check anyway.

    You’re feeding her, keeping her warm, and helping her with bowel movements and most important, loving and keeping her safe. You’re doing an excellent job. Bravo!

    I’m glad you checked in and do let us know how she’s doing (you referred to it as a she).

    Here’s another link with good information on raising your wee kits:

    Good Luck



    Don’t worry, that poop pic didn’t gross me out…I’ve seen pretty much every kind of poop a kitten can deliver in my years of rescuing. I think you are doing a great job, and feel awful about the loss of the others. Only a%%holes take kittens away from their mothers and put them in places like mailboxes where they can’t be cared for by her. 😡

    I have raised kittens on KMR, and goat’s milk exclusively also and a mix of the two. Goat’s milk is much cheaper if you can get it, and it comes in powdered or concentrate also. I always watch my kitten and know if it starts to get constipated, then give more goat’s milk. I think it sounds like she is doing fine. Remember she is just a newborn, so the first poops are a little strange looking. Like PG said, don’t forget her initial vet visit and they will probably give a deworming medicine too.

    Keep us posted!

    Bottle Babies



    Alright thanks on the suggestion of using goats milk instead, will try it out later if the poop situation doesn’t improves

    Since today I started working again after a weekend, i really do find it challenging to take care of the kitten and work, but I’m trying to make it work

    I came back home at lunch today to feed her and oh boy is she hungry. Dinner was even more astounding, the lil one actually drank 1/2 oz in one go, is that really alright though?

    But i hate myself to be able to feed her only 6 hours once during work. My office is freezing cold (about 16 C) so I don’t think its good to bring her with me. But I do feed her every 3-4 hours during the night.

    i really don’t want to give it diarrhoea. thanks again!



    It’s tough when you’re not around. Like I said before, she’ll eat as much as she needs. You can change to Goats milk now and it would be a good idea because of the time between daytime feedings.




    Brought her to a vet today as her BMs are all yellowish water. Did a viral infection test and I’m glad to inform it came out negative.

    Vet suggested me to try something Royal Canin ProTech, but i told her i wanted to test out goats milk first. Got one from a pharmacy, 100% freeze dried goats milk, no preservatives or additives. This should be okay, right?

    But the vet did give me a few sachets of probiotics to be mixed into her milk, so i’ve been doing just that.

    I hope the diarrhoea will be better soon, still no signs of dehydration thankfully.



    I’m glad you saw a vet. and she has a neg. test. Her little body is going through so much now. She should do well on the Goats milk and freeze dried is fine. I gave mine gang probiotics when they were younger too.

    Thanks for letting us know you’re doing.



    Another quick question and update

    The diarrhoea have stopped, but she hasn’t been eliminating any stool at all. I’m diluting the goats milk now to help and bringing her to the vet again tomorrow if it doesn’t improve (it’s been 2 days).

    However, whenever I wipe her for elimination she will begin to meow very loudly, and her anus will look rather distended. Is that a problem brewing?



    I’m glad the diarrhea is over. She doesn’t really have any poop now but do mention it to the vet. Usually, 4-5 days are the max for a kit not having a bowel movement.

    Pick up some Neosporin without pain relievers. The diarrhea has given her a sore, swollen bum so put a dab on her bum to take the sting away. You can do this a few times a day until she heals. The pain relievers can be deadly for kits/cats.

    Thanks for the update.



    I’m absolute lost and feeling rather hopeless.

    Did an enema yesterday and quite an amount of poo came out, which is fine. But I noticed its drinking lesser now.

    Today its even worse, in 7 hours it only drank 1/4 oz. It keeps refusing the nipple, but it suckles on my fingers instead. Im just so lost.

    It apparently wants to sleep (which is utterly scary for me since I’m afraid it won’t wake up).

    Going to the vet again first thing tomorrow morning.




    There was a vet open about 30 minutes away, rushed there and he gave a good shot of saline+glucose and some pink goop for the tummy and constipation

    She just drank about 1/2 oz more and now it’s about 3/4 oz in under 12 hours!

    I can sleep happy tonight



    Maybe she must have worn herself out with the enema. She was a hungry little one though.

    I’m glad you found a vet and got her some help. I didn’t remember to tell you is if she’s lethargic you dab some Karo syrup or honey on her lips. It usually brings the blood glucose up.



    Once they start getting lethargic, and won’t eat, you have to get food into them any way you can. Even if it’s with a dropper or your finger with droplets on it. The karo on the gums and tongue will be absorbed and sometimes is enough to perk them up so you can get food into them.

    Since her little bum was distended when you were stimulating her, it showed that she probably had some hard poops in there that needed to come out. Good that you took her to another vet, I think I would stick with them.

    Chaos’ Guide to Constipation



    It’s almost 3 weeks now, and lil Finn is growing at an amazing rate

    Easily drinking more than 2 oz per day!

    However I noticed that it’s kinda bald on the head compared to the rest of the body. Like between the ears there’s much less hair.

    It makes him look like his head is square rather than round. Is that…normal?



    Yea for Lil Finn! It’s OK to be a bald at 3 weeks, his fur will fill in soon enough. 😉



    Just to keep you informed, your kitten could have ringworm. It’s not actually a worm, but a fungus that unfortunately, is also contagious to humans. You will probably have to have the vet take a look at him for a proper diagnosis as they can use an ultraviolet light on the areas, and they will glow. Hopefully, it’s not ringworm, because it’s more of a PITA for you trying to decontaminate your home.




    Did check with a vet and it was fungus apparently. Applying a cream 2x/day. Other than that, his weight is fine and he’s already walking pretty steadily at 3 weeks, so colour me impressed.

    However, lately he’s been biting really hard. It’s not too painful, but he bites and clenches so hard that you can’t even take the bottle out of his mouth. He apparently has a thing for biting either my fingers or nose.

    He just bit my finger and tried dragging it to him. Cause for concern?

    Lastly, he’ll meow a lot even though he won’t drink, pee or poop. Is he craving attention?



    Sounds like he could be hungry, especially if he is grabbing and biting when you are introducing food. Try getting some wet food for him, and mixing it with his milk. Try some on a spoon, or in a dropper, just not your finger, as he is already biting, but I’ll bet once he sniffs it, he will try and lick it. Make sure it is the pate’ style food with no large chunks or pieces that he could choke on. If he eats it right off, you won’t need to put it in a bottle. If you do use a bottle, cut the end of the nipple off and mix it with milk to make a gruel. He should feel better once he gets more food in his tummy and be able to go longer without food. This will also help him start pooping regularly.

    Sounds like he may have had ringworm, since it is a fungus. Make sure you wash your hands well and if you notice signs on yourself of an area that is reddened and round, the Lotrimin will work for you.

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