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    Greetings. Due to miscalculation on my part, I may have overfed 3 abandoned newborn kittens by as much as 1.2 tsps. per feeding since 8pm last night. Last overfeeding was 3 hours ago. Do I need to feed them again but with correct amount or miss a feeding since they’re probably still full?

    Advice please!



    First off thank you for rescuing these babies! I can’t answer but let’s keep this bumped up so the more experienced with the little ones will see it an chime in. I would guess keep them on schedule but then again, that’s just a guess. Welcome to TDK!



    Thanks J&BBs Mom! Terribly sorry, Im sure this topic has been asked many times on this site.

    CORRECTION: overfed by 1/2 tsp on about 11 feedings. We skipped 1 feeding today because their tummies were swollen. Smaller now so we just finished giving them 5ml and will continue every 2 hours.

    Also, kittens are about only 5-6 days old. Should I expect them to be pooping ready? Too early?


    I added a few tags that should help you until the more familiar with ones that small come on this evening. They won’t poop every day and that is okay. Their bellies will be kinda big from eating and possibly worms, but it is too early to de-worm them. Hang in there and help is on the way!

    ETA: You will have to help them poop. That is what the mom cat does. The tag with triangle method should lead you to a You tube video that is supposed to be very helpful in that regard.



    Chibby, watch these videos, they give you all the basics:

    These show you 1) estimating your kitten’s age; 2) warmth and first aid; 3) making a nest; 4) feeding; 5) pottying; 6) fleas and flea baths; 7) first vet visit, with a vet going through the examination step by step, telling you what she’s looking for; 8) Medicating your kitten; 9) weaning your kitten and 10) Love and attention. It also gives a website address to check for low-cost spaying and neutering groups in your area.

    The video with the triangle method is really for kittens with constipation. Normal stimulation involves wiping gently round their anus in a circular motion with a damp, warm washcloth, to imitate their mum’s tongue (this is what she would do). At this age don’t expect much poop, they are taking in most of that nutrition to grow with.

    This site is also brilliant for advice on newborns:

    I would keep to the feeding schedule, if they eat a bit too much one time, just give them a bit less the next, but really at this stage you want them to eat as much as they want to; if they had a mum, they would be feeding on demand.



    Ahhhhh they finally pooped! Oh the effort for that itty bitty nugget to come out, we were all cheering for the kitties to push! The stool was about a quarter inch long, VERY hard. My poor kitties, they’re exhausted and I dont blame them. I’m diluting their formula 1:4 and slowly move back to 1:2 when stool consistency improves. Whew! Im going to bed early.


    Prateek Singhal

    The video was really helpful Thank you!


    Prateek Singhal

    @jcat, @lainey
    I just rescued & adopted an abandoned 4 days old kitten & been doing baby things wrong. I didn’t knew I have to help her in pooping, he pooped 2 big poops, & I was feeding him on his back, upside down. Thanks a lot for all the information & knowledge. Love you.



    Concats on rescuing these kits Prateek. Welcome to TDKland-we are the furriest forum around. I’m glad the vids helped and the only info I have is unless you are force feeding the kits, you won’t overfed them. They will eat as much as they want and then stop.

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