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    Hi everyone!

    I’m new to the forum and am looking for some advice! I have a three year old cat named Bambi and just recently got a male kitten (12 weeks old) named Monkey. The lady from the shelter had warned me that he is VERY shy and will take some work. We brought him home last night and the poor thing is TERRIFIED! I set up a small bedroom with a litter box, blankets, food, water, etc. so he would be separate from Bambi. He will not come out from under the dresser and starts purring very loudly (I think because he is scared) when we touch him. He ate a little dry food and used the litter box overnight. I’m really concerned though because all he wants to do is sleep…I have not even seen him walk around and he just stares at us with a blank look. He got neutered 3 days ago and I was told to put his medicine in his wet food, but he won’t eat it! I’m so worried! The woman told us we need to keep picking him up and that we should not give him space, but this seems to go against everything I read online. Does anyone have any advice? I really appreciate it!



    Hi Chelsey – it’s great that you set Monkey up in his own space. He probably needs time to adjust to his new surroundings, and is also probably sore from his operation. The woman you got him from is right in that handling him is a good way to socialize him, but he needs to heal and adjust first. If you spend time with him without handling him, such as sitting quietly in the room with him and talking to him softly, he can get used to your voice and scent. Just about every kitty is scared when they face new surroundings, but every cat is different with the amount of time it will take to come out of their shell. With time and patience, here’s hoping Monkey and Bambi become great friends!

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