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    Hello. I’m so excited to find this place. We just got our sweet baby girl Dee Dee yesterday. She was found on side of road. And is about 3 weeks old. She chews on the bottle. Lol but gets the formula. She pee’s fine when stimulated. But no poo yet. Should I worry? She is active, well I guess anyway. This is all new to me. When you google anything so many options and opinions come up and I don’t know what to believe. She doesn’t eat much each time. I know way less than a teaspoon. Is that normal.

    Please help me. We are so attached.

    Thank you



    Kandy and Baby DeeDee,

    Welcome to TDKland. We are furriest feline blog around. Concats on DeeDee adopting you! Here’s the go-to information on raising a kittah:

    TDKers swear by Goats’ milk. There is the liquid in the dairy aisle and the concentrate in the baking aisle. The concentrate is mixed 1:1 with water. You give this to her in a bottle with an appropriate opening. If she’s chewing on the nipple then she’s not getting enough to eat. Again, cats are lactose intolerant and Goats’ milk is low in lactose. It should settle her tummy and give nutrients and probiotics. Also, kits don’t digest food when they’re cold. Set up a nest for her with blankies and place a heating pad, on LOW, covered by a towel to keep her warm. Be sure she has a cool area to move to if she gets to hot. You can start making her a gruel around 5-6 weeks by mixing Goats’ milk with wet kitten food. I’m not so concerned about her not pooping because she doesn’t have that much to poop but she should be having one soon. I can’t emphasize feeding Goats’ milk to kits. It’s just about a miracle meal for kits.

    Here’s a couple of links with more information:

    Good luck and keep in touch




    I’m actually getting goats milk tomorrow. The friend who found her has a grooming business and is into all natural stuff for dogs and cats. She is very picky about what she sells there. I will pick it up ASAP tomorrow. She was just out of stock over the weekend. Thank you so much. And I am so happy to be here with my new baby. All your advice is so wonderful and helpful



    Welcone to TDK Kandy and Dee Dee, is that her in your avatar? Thanks for giving her a home.
    PG has given you excellent advice.
    Please keep us up to date on how raising Dee Dee is going, we love hearing about new kittens.
    Each day we have a themed Cafe where we chat about anything and everything so please pop in there to let us know how you both are.
    My avatar is my cat Moonshadow aka HRH or Shadz but as it’s Winter here in the southern hemisphere she is known as Butterball as she has her winter weight on.



    Thank you. Yes. It is. We love the orange spot on her head. It is the only orange she has. Where do I post updates about her?

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