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    My name is Lorena and on June 30 I found 3 new born kittens behind my application in a construction cite. They were crying really loud I know they are new born because 5they still had the umbilical cord. I took them In wiped them down with a cloth and put them in a heating pad,we got kitten formula and bottles, but I noticed one of the kitties head was cone shaped and his head dropped allot, he was foaming a bit so I kept education him lose to me. They made it thru the night so the next day I took them to the vet, and found out he has hydrocephalus. The girls are OK. My question is does he need special attention. They are doing okay growing strong every day. What can I do to make his life better, oh and by the way I am keeping him his name is Artem, the girls are Remi and Blackie.
    I would really appreciate any advice someone may have.
    Thank you in advance for any little help I get



    Hi Lorena, welcome to TDK! Strange you wrote this post, as this morning I was just telling someone on this site about kittens with hydrocephalus. I am going to post a link for you (we recommend this site all the time for hand rearing kittens, so please use it for that too) that has a section on hydrocephalus and the degrees of severity that kittens may have it. In the section that says WHEN NOT TO HAND REAR, click on the heading of HYDROCEPHALUS. Some kittens have it so severely that they can’t recover–others the fontanelle grows together and they survive. I don’t have any personal experience with these types of kittens, and can’t offer you any advice. I do commend you for taking in these sweet kittens and striving to keep them healthy, warm, fed and loved. We are here for you. Let us know about your kitten please!

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