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    We got our new kitty a couple of weeks ago. We did a week of her in one room with scent swapping for our older cat. During that week I would play with her and when I came into the room she would be so excited and just roll over for belly scratches. The next week my wife and I did the full intro and after a day of our older cat setting rules, they are now bathing each other and playing. She started to explore the downstairs a few days ago and thats about the time that she suddenly seems scared of me. When I come home from work my old cat comes to me for pets but she bolts away. If I lie down on the floor she some times will slowly approach me for a hand smell but rarely lets me pet her or if she does it is very brief. But every time I see her now she kind of freaks and bolts at first. I’m so sad, I thought we had this love thing going and now she seems scared of me. Is this normal or is there something I can do to help?

    She doesn’t seem scared of my wife, my wife does work from home though so she has more time with them. But her first 2 weeks with us upstairs she snuggled and came to me for pets all the time.

    Also, we got cat diffusers and I dont know if it’s a coincidence but she started the whole afraid of me thing the next day after setting up the diffusers.

    Could it be that she is just getting used to our large open 1st floor and is too nervous to deal with me?

    Help, I have the most precious kitty and we had some real bonding going on and now I feel like I lost it all.



    IF her behavior started, more or less, with the diffusers then I would remove them. Cats and kittens react differently to the pheromones and maybe that’s happening with her. You re the only male so…

    If she isn’t spayed, this would be helpful for the family.



    Were you working at the time when she was loving and friendly? Just asking questions to narrow down what the problem could be. Have you changed after shaves, cologne, something scent-wise different at work? Cats are also very scent oriented too, and if you changed something that she was familiar with this could be very off-putting to her.

    Like PG said, if she isn’t spayed–this is something that needs to be done. Cats DO know the difference between male and female humans–believe it or not–and also the diffusers are based on pheromones which should be releasing happy, relaxed scents for the cats. Have patience, she will figure this out and be the loving cat you remember.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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