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    I got two kittens from a lady who runs a rescue out of her home.
    I just got them Tuesday afternoon. Per their papers she handed me, it states they have no fleas, no ear mites, dewormed etc.
    We had wanted another sibling from one of the kittens litter, but she told us 30 minutes upon arrival that kitten was sneezing and could not be adopted and was isolated from the others now.
    So, we picked a second kitten from a different litter.
    We brought them home and all seemed fine. The male from the litter with the sneezing cat, however, was in fact sneezing occasionally.
    So yesterday ( Wednesday) afternoon, I was playing with the male from the sneezing litter, we named him Chunk, and I could have sworn I saw a flea quickly on his head. I immediately started to check him and couldn’t find it or see anything. He’s a tuxedo, so black and white. I also checked Tiger, the other kitten, and couldn’t see anything. So I thought maybe I just was seeing things.
    Then shortly later, I saw one for sure. So I ran out and we gave them each a flea bath. Tiger no fleas popped up at all. But Chunk had quite a few. We also found a sore by is his inner hind leg.
    The first night we got them, they slept off and on through out the night. Last night after ech bath Chunk fell asleep on the couch and has stayed there all night. He did get up and ate a little this morning but then right back to the couch to sleep. He went to bed probably around 9:30-10ish and it’s now nearly that normal? Tiger has been bouncing around all night and just laid down again.
    Do you think the sneezing could be from the flea saliva? He’s still sneezing today. There doesn’t seem to be any discharge from eyes/nose and no cough.
    Should I be concerned and take him to the vet or am I overreacting?
    We have no interest in returning the kittens. Call me mean, but I thought I was doing a good thing in saving two unwanted kittens, and making room for two more to be saved, but is this normal in rescue places? They allow all the animals to be infested with fleas and then pretend they’ve cared for them while instead the poor little guys are being tortured? Should I report her? I don’t know. My main concern first is Chunk and then possibly making sure the other animals are ok in her charge as well.
    Thanks for any replies,



    Oh, Also, Chunk was sort of crying a bit the first night we got him. I thought well, new home, away from the people and kittens he’s known…but now I think the poor little guy was being bit and it hurts obviously. He hasn’t made a peep since then. He still likes to be held, he purrs etc. My boyfriend thinks he’s definitely “sickly” and wasn’t cared for properly.
    Oh and side note about Tiger. He woke me up with some crying, so I went to him and he literally waited for me to get to him and then threw up. But he seems fine energy wise and eating wise. She had sent me home with his last round of dewormer, and we noticed he does seem to have diarrhea. But, I think that’s possible with the dewormer. So I wasn’t entirely freaked out, but now with the vomiting? Oy.



    Your very good for taking on these little kittens ..:)

    It is very hard work rescuing kittens and cats it takes up a lot of time and money.. A lot of abandoned kittens unfortunately have already come into contact with certain parasites and viruses from the mother cat and a lot of these issue can surface weeks later like feline herpes for example which is extremely common…It’s often mistake for cat flu as it causes runny eyes and eye swelling and sneezing but it can be controlled with a daily intake of L-lysine this helps keep the feline herpes virus in check .. I would think she was trying her best sometimes even the best flea spot-on treatments aren’t 100% effective and you will get the occasional flea..

    Kittens especially rescue ones can have lots of different health issues simply due to a low immune system because they’ve been separated from their mother.. Unfortunately all this comes with the territory of rescuing small kittens.. Normally when a kitten is over a year old all these issues will settle down .. My buttons and Nutini both have feline herpes virus but I treat it regularly with L-lysine and since they’ve been a year old they’ve had no flared ups 🙂

    I would be more concerned if kittens were lethargic or underweight …

    I once rescued 3 kittens and had them for 3 weeks before the symptoms of Ring worm reared it’s ugly head.. Sometimes you genuinely don’t know till after the fact …



    They did so far each apparently get their first round of chlamydia psittaci vaccine and feline rhino vaccine. She stated the mothers for each tested negative for feline leukemia and aids.My friend told me the sneezing isn’t much to worry about unless I see a green discharge from the eyes/nose. I just don’t want to be lax about something and then find out it was a major thing and the little guys pass away.I paid the vet bills she had incurred for each of the kittens since they were in her care and we adopted them. That’s why I’m a little hmmm upset that one ended up having fleas.



    I can understand your frustration.. The feeling is very familiar to me 🙂 on the flea situation I treat my cats for fleas on a regular basis with the best spot-on treatment on the market and on more than one occasion I have found a couple of fleas a week later.. Sometimes after spot on treatments a cat can still come into contact with fleas it doesn’t mean they can continue to live on them the long lasting spot on treatment will eventually mean they will either die of go else where…

    As for the vomiting kittens with sensitive stomach can have both vomiting and as you know diarrhoea from the worming..

    It was very good of you to pay the vets bills! I wish I had people offer to pay vets bills after I’ve re homed some of my rescue cats and dogs 🙂



    Stacy you are wonderful for taking in these kittens despite their problems. I have learned from Buttons about the miracle of goats milk and of course goats milk yogurt, but I haven’t tried the latter. The kitten I’m hand rearing had an upset tummy, and he would cry right before he vomited. I got the goats milk in the baking aisle at WalMart and he has cleared up and is doing fine. He is 6 weeks old now! All of my cats have feline herpes and it’s not a big deal unless they get stressed and maybe one will have a runny eye for a day or two.
    Fleas are a pain, but my vet has told me to treat the cat. If you have fleas in the house, they will find the cat and if it’s treated they will get on the cat and then die. Weird way to look at it but it works. Good Luck with your babies!



    @ Buttons, The way I look at it is these two boys were our babies since they were born, the Foster Mom was just sort of taking care of them for us lol. So it seems just the normal thing to do to pay for their care.

    @ Kittyzee, I will try the goats milk soon. I’m holding off and just waiting to see if there’s any improvement now that he’s done with the dewormer. Plus we did give them some wet food and I think we won’t do that again lol. It might be the reason perhaps introducing a new food?

    But Chunk woke up and stretched around a bit. I did another check to see if I could see any fleas on him and so far no. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s all done and over with. He is sneezing a ton though. Now there is some discharge from his nose but it seems to be mostly clear. I don’t notice any abnormal breathing, other than when he prepares to sneeze lol. Is this maybe a cold that will go away? Perhaps allergies? From the fleas? Like I said, the rescue lady had said his brother was sneezing and took him out of gen pop lol.



    Could be cat flu but more likely Feline herpes.. The goats milk should help clear that up or if it gets worse add 500mg of L-lysine to food in the morning and at night..

    If the discharge becomes green or there’s a lack of appetite then a vet visit might be needed.. That’s why it’s always best to get L-lysine into their system sooner rather than later ..



    UPDATE: So I went out and got the Lysine supplements. He didn’t really eat them. They were chicken flavored fish shaped things. By Saturday, his clear discharge had turned yellow and subsequently he started having a weezing/hissing sound while breathing. So we decided Saturday night to bring him into the Emergency Clinic. They saw him and said his lungs were clear, and said he has a respiratory thing and prescribed antibiotics. He got two doses right away Sat night and then again Sun morning. Then continued 1x/day.
    They also said the stinkier the wet food the better to get him to eat. So he ate some fish wet food Sat night. Then Sunday, he ate a little less, but still eating. Monday unless he’s eating tiny bites while I’m at work, it seems like he’s not eating now. He’s still very sleepy, always laying down. He does get up every once and again to move around and go to the bathroom. I’m using one of his medicine droppers to put water in him.
    Now it’s Tuesday, this morning I gave him his medicine and put out his food and he was sneezing like crazy and then a little blood came out of his nose. Is that because it’s all inflamed and irritated? I tried putting some food on my fingers and literally trying to put it in his mouth but he just fights it. I keep his eyes and nose clean as much as I can.
    Shouldn’t he be feeling better by now? Should he go back to the vet?



    Yes Stacey your right he should be improving at this stage I would bring him back to the vet ..



    100% agree with Buttons.



    Another update: I took him to the vet. Poor little guy also has ear mites! So he got a treatment for fleas and ear mites. They flushed his nose to try and clear it up some. They gave him an injection that is supposed to help with inflammation I believe. They prescribed drops for his nose that I have to give him twice a day, in addition, to the antibiotic still. They tried to take blood to test for leukemia but he had had enough!
    He needs to be fed by syringe, as well as, hydrated by syringe. Poor little guy. They didn’t want to switch antibiotics just yet since it’s only been a few days.
    They had flushed his nose, cleaned his ears and then they gave him back to me for a little. He curled up in my arms put his head back on my arm and passed out lol.
    He went from 2.4lbs to 2.1 lol I thought he dropped like a pound, but still, glad I brought him in. He looks peaceful now instead of..Idk..exhausted looking. Hopefully he feels better in a few days.
    Thanks for the advice again!



    Glad he got to the vet poor little fella.. People don’t realise how much hard work young kittens can be 🙂

    Sending healing vibes his way for a speedy recovery.. 🙂

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