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    Hi, I am from India. This is relevant because cats as pets is not very common in India and due to that I cant find any store that has good cat supplies niether can I find a good vet.
    Since I have set the background, let me share my catcerns with u all. I bought in two stray kittens exactly 20 days ago and took them to a vet. He said they must be atleast 30 days, which means they are now 50 days old. But I beg to differ, all the research has lead me to belive that J&K are just a month old. The vet didnt seem sure either.
    These are few of the issues I am facing-:
    *I just cant wean them. They are not having anything but milk. That too from a bottle. Every two hours around 25 ml during the day. When they came in 20 days ago, they used to have barely 10 ml and they were done for 4 hours or so. I understand they are growing and need something solid.
    My big one (same litter, one is bigger) is the one who is not even licking milk off the bowl. The little one is atleast trying.
    *I replaced Pura litter with Glenands yesterday and it is so much better for me. But i caught the big one chewing on Glenands big granules. No idea if he did the same with Pura. I usually leave them alone when they use it.
    * After having milk from the bottle, they make weird noises or rather their body makes weird noises. After a while this settles down.
    The digestive system seams fine. They are very very very active and vocal. They purr like a ferrari (which I thought was them shivering from the cold, yes thats my catowledge level)
    But I still feel like I am doing everything wrong.



    I had a long post, and now it’s gone….is there anything more aggravating?
    I am going to post some links for you on general kitten rearing, but sounds like you have everything under control. Make sure the vet deworms them as most kittens have parasites of some kind.
    If you are feeding cow’s milk, it contains high levels of lactose which is not good for kittens’ gut. Try goat’s milk instead, as it’s an almost perfect food for kittens. If you cannot get it at the grocery, maybe you can find someone with a goat, and pasteurize it yourself. Just Google ‘how to pasteurize goat’s milk’ and you will find what you need.
    Make sure they aren’t eating ‘clumping’ litter, as it tends to cause blockages in the gut. It also sounds like they would benefit from wet food, nothing with clumps and you can mix it with their milk and stick a small amount on the roof of their mouth and see what they do with it. Eventually, they will take to it, just keep trying. Good luck and keep us posted!



    @kittyzee Thank you very much 🙂 I cant find goat’s milk anywhere over here 🙁 I have been feeding them tonned milk and they are pretty fine with it. For the first 2 weeks, i fed them Lactol that I got from a pet shop (no KMR here) and after that just tonned milk. Infact, they just lapped up the milk from a bowl today 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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