New kitten pees in bed only while we’re in it

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    Hello everyone. My wife and I just got a new female kitten (12 weeks old) from the humane society that we are currently keep segregated while we introduce all of the cats. We have a female 4 year old Cat and a female 1.5 year old Cat. Since we got our kitten, she started peeing outside of the litter box. At first, we thought it was just a reaction to the stress of being separated from her sibling and anxiety from being alone for the first time or the other cats scaring her through the door. To combat that, we moved her into our bedroom. Since we did that, she stopped peeing next to the door. She did, however, start peeing on our bed while we’re laying in it. We have a fleece blanket that covers the comforter to protect it from the cats claws.

    We used and enzymatic odor/stain remover on the spot and washed both the comforter and the fleece blanket that she peed on. We can’t smell any cat urine in the comforter, but she literally just peed on it again right after we pulled it out of the dryer.

    Can anyone give us advice on how to break this behavior before it becomes a persistent thing?

    Thanks in advance for your help and guidance!



    Hi Jay, I posted a link for you to check out…it explains the reasons your kitten may be doing this without me trying to repeat it. Remember, she is just a kitten and like you said may be missing her sibling and is fearful of her new environment. It’s going to take patience, but the first thing to rule out is a problem with her urinary tract, so a vet visit would be where I would start. When a cat is in pain or extremely uncomfortable and they try to use the litter box, they associate the box with the pain. Since she is a kitten, I have found that putting more litter boxes out is a good plan. When kittens are in your bed, they don’t understand about getting out of bed and running all the way downstairs to find a litterbox. (Of course, this is my experience since my bedrooms are upstairs)! Put a litter box in the bedroom and show her where it is and how to get down to use it. Once she is older, she probably won’t need one in the bedroom and you can move it to a more convenient spot.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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