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    I’m new to the site and having a cat!

    My partner and I got a little tuxedo kitten a few days ago now. He’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

    Just wanted to say hi before I started asking any questions!.



    Welcome Tabitha! We are here for you, so if you have questions, many of us can help.



    TDKland welcomes your whole family. I love to hear about new kit parents.



    Thank you!

    I’ve never been the biggest fan of cats but my little kitten has changed my mind!

    He’s very playful at the moment, to the point of him biting and scratching us. We say no firmly and if he contuines2 he gets put in the other room for 5mins. He’s catching on to it quickly.

    He’s not eating dry food which worries me a bit as both my partner and myself have to work tomorrow and don’t want to leave wet food out too long. Any suggestions?

    Also worried about leaving him for about 7 hours on his own, he’ll just sleep I hope!



    Welcome Tabitha,

    Congrats to you and partner on becoming purrents! 🙂
    What’s your kitty’s name?
    I am owned by Dorian Gray Esq. (Dorry) the tabby in my avatar. he’s my second kitty. My first was a tuxie who lived a relatively long, definitely pampered life.
    Probably other TDKers will also have advice, some here have vast experience (not me!) But I left both my kitty’s on their own when I worked full time, and now I can be out for many hours, have not encountered any probs. Made certain to cat-proof my place. Probably went overboard ensuring that there were no small objects, esp yarn that a curious kit could get into trouble with.
    I have also used the “time out.” If my Dorry gets fractious (usually around time when I’m headed for bed,) I close bedroom door. He has the rest of my (quite small) place to roam in. He does cry for a short bit, then when I let him back in (like about 5-10 mins later) he usually settles on my bed for the night. Hope this helps.
    Re wet food: My vet told me that wet food can only be left out for 3 hrs. Dorry gets portion of wet food and when he finishes it, or when I’m ready to leave, he gets dry food (in another dish and in another area just to pique his interest,) which can be left out. He usually finishes wet food, if not it gets tossed. Your vet might be able to advise you re food and if dry food alone is OK. My kit’s prob is that he doesn’t drink much water, so he needs to get hydration from wet food. Again, I’m no vet and every case is different.



    Hi his name is Todd!

    He’s got two rooms to play in when we’re gone so he shouldn’t get too bored!

    I just cant get him to eat dry food! Taking him to the vet tomorrow so we’ll see!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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