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    I found a 3-4 day old kitten about 11 days ago. I have been researching everyday on how to care for it and every post i see says different ways to care for a kitten of 2 weeks old. SO other kitty mommys ( and daddys) i need your advice.

    I took her to the vet 5 days after getting her because she was not having a BM and she had a eye infection. They gave her a enema, eye medication and amoxicillin. She would poop the next day then nadda. Is it normal for them to not poop for 2-3 days?
    Yes i have been stimulating her with a warm semi-damp towel and all she does is pee ( light yellow). I have taken her to get another enema since she was doing the same thing. Her stool was hard both times.

    How do you know if they are constipated or just getting fat? i weighed her after i fed her today and she is 155g. Her stomach is big but not hard and has not pooped in over 24 hrs.

    I started feeding her gmc kitten formula, then switched to goats milk and today i started her on KMR. How much should she be eating and how many hours apart? What milk is better for her? She typically sleeps until i wake her. I feed her about every 2-3 hrs until she stops eating, but then she starts trying to suckle again.

    I made a little home for her that’s warm and she can move around if she gets to hot.

    sorry for such a long post.



    Hey I also rescued a newborn kitten a couple years ago and the experts on this site are really helpful. Some things I learned is that the goats milk is the best for them especially if they have tummy trouble. It also has natural lysine which can help with upper respiratory infections.
    My kit only pooped every 1-3 days at that age. I know that you can add a couple of drops of olive oil in a couple bottles.
    Also I was told that the kitten will stop drinking when he’s full. At that age they haven’t learned to gorge on food yet nature is it’s guide. Still feed every 2-3 hours though.
    Good luck to you. I was unlucky I used hartz brand kmr before I knew of the link between it and failing kitten syndrome but I’ve researched a lot to make sure that doesn’t happen to us again. We now have a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 month old both that we have raised since 7 weeks. One from my aunt and one rescued from the storm drain. I know you will do everything you can for this little guy. It’s something we all share about us the nurturing quality we all share that allows us to all give our kits the best life possible with all kinds of love!



    The goats milk i have is by primal pet foods inc. Is this a good brand?



    Hi Jessica, Welcome to TDKland. We’re the fluffiest forum around.

    The brand of Goats’ milk is not important but it must pasturized.

    As Melissa said we have a bunch of experience raising kits, from newborn on up, but we’re aren’t veterinary trained.

    So here’s the info we provide to all who come our way:

    If you haven’t already, make a nest for them. Kittens cannot regulate their body temperature so they must be kept warm. I think the best way is to place a heating pad, on LOW, covered by a towel and a soft blanket. Be sure to provide a “cool” spot for the kittens to crawl if they get too warm.

    Here in TDKland, we recommend Goats’ milk for kittens. Cats are lactose intolerant and can’t digest cows milk. Goats’ milk is full of nutrients, probiotics and gentler on their tummies. This can also regulate their poop. You can find it in the dairy section or the concentrate in the baking aisle. Mix the concentrate 1:1 with water or pedilyte. If, at any time, they seem lethargic put a dab of Karo syrup or honey in their mouth. Sometimes this is all they need to give them the added energy boost to get them eating. Please don’t give them sweet stuff all the time just if they need an energy boost.

    Melissa is correct about their poop. A smidgen of mineral oil in their formula can usually help them poop. The triangle method is most popular. If his bum is sore, you can put a dab of Neosporin on his bum.

    Here are some links with good information on raising your wee kits:
    Good Luck



    In the small print it says it has not been pasturized and may contain harmful bacteria. GReat.. back to kmr till tm


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