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    Hello everyone, I am new here and am looking for some help. I have read a lot of articles on introducing a new cat to the resident one but my problem is a little different. Just so you know, they are both spayed/neutered.

    I recently adopted a 4 month year old kitten on Sunday that I have named Nova. She is very playful, been told she has been around dogs and cats and is pretty independent. My lovely 2 year old cat Bruce is sweet, affectionate and gentle. I have separated them for the first couple of days and only let them interact under supervision. Bruce tries to play with Nova but she hisses at him, growls then runs away. But sometimes she tries to play with him but then starts to hiss at him. They even touch noses. When I play with them both, she kind of is afraid to go near him. I am thinking he is too big and she is afraid of him but wants to interact. Bruce is completely unfazed by her hissing, he just stares at her or respects her wishes and wants away but he just wants to play with her. I am unsure what I can do, I just want them to get along, my poor Bruce really wants to play with her.



    They seem to be making friends quite nicely. Give it time and you’ll see.



    One of the best things you can do is play wand toys with them together in the same room. They will play with you and then realize that the other is in the room and nothing bad is happening. It kind of helps to desensitize them in that way. Most female cats are more hissy and jittery, and males seem to be more accepting. You can also scent swap, like putting a blanket of hers in his bed, and vice versa so they get used to each others’ scent throughout the house.

    How to Introduce a Second Cat



    Update: They are basically doing the same routine. I noticed she only freaks out when Brace tries to play ontop of her. I have been playing with them in the same room and she is slowly but surely gets closer to him. All they so is chase each other. Today Bruce was trying to play with her ontop of her and I think she hurt he’s eye by mistake. He is fine but I did separated them. Maybe she’s just afraid of eveything and will get better when she gets older?



    Hi Dahina,

    It sounds as if life is becoming a bit smoother. She is threatened when Bruce gets on top of her because it’s a submissive position for her. Just became he’s neutered doesn’t mean he, um, gave it up. My LilBit does that and it annoys Miss Moppet so she takes off. My boy will often continue until he satisfied. I know other TDKers have this happen with their boy kits, as well.

    The issue is size. She’s smaller than Bruce and doesn’t feel really safe so she wants to fight back. I think it’s OK to keep them separated for now. Supervise them when they’re together and soon she’ll be more confident.

    I hope that explains it



    Thank you everyone for your feedback 🙂 that does explain it yes and Im sure I just have to be patient and they will eventually get along fine.

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