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    Hi, all. I’ve been given an adult cat (about 8 mos) that isn’t litter box trained. In his previous home, he’d been using pee pads – the kind that they make for puppies.

    I’m a dog person who is not too familiar with cats at all, so I did some Google research about litter box training an adult cat. However, most articles seem geared towards strays who are used to doing their business outside in the dirt.

    Right now, I’ve got him set up in a little room with a cat tree and a cushion on one side and a litter box on the other. He’s been here for 1.5 days and he’s been eating and drinking fine. He purrs when picked up, cuddles, and plays, and doesn’t exhibit any serious signs of stress. He is VERY interested in coming out of his room to hang out with us, but…

    He won’t pee or poop! Not in the litter box, nor on the floor. He hasn’t even done his business once since arrival.

    When should I start worrying?

    And, what would you do to litter box train a cat like this? (By the way, Cat Attract isn’t available in my country.) I think he doesn’t care for feel or smell of the litter – it’s pine – but it’s hard to say if changing the brand would help since he isn’t familiar with the concept of a litter box at all. Should I give up and put down a pee pad just so he doesn’t burst?



    Hi Kinako,

    Welcome to The Daily Kitten! It’s a concern that he hasn’t peed. If he doesn’t pee within the next 6-8 hours, call a vet for professional advice. When a kitten needs to pee, it is stimulated by rubbing a warm damp cloth on their privates. Try this to see if helps him pee. He will need to be litter box trained but, at this point, I recommend placing a pee pad in his litter box without litter. Do this for a couple days and slowly add litter each day. In 10-14 days, he should be used to the litter and use it without the pee pad. If he does resists the litter than take more time to transition to litter. Since he hasn’t used litter before the type of litter isn’t important.

    Good luck and keep us updated on your boy.




    Good advice by PG above. I would do the same thing by putting pee pad in litter box and add litter each day. I know he has never used litter before, however, if the pine scented litter smells strong to you, it smells awfully strong to him. The smell alone could be deterring him from using the box. I had a male kitten and changed his litter (it had a strong smell) and he refused to use the box. Went to one with hardly any scent and he started using it. Cats are smart, once he knows what the box is for, he will use it! Good luck!

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