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    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself as the new cat parent of the one thats currently making typing this exceptionally difficult.. that is, my cat cosmos. He’s 9 weeks old, my partner and I got him from our local humane society, he’s super sweet and curious and brave and honestly seems to lack a healthy regard for self preservation at this point. Gotta keep an eye on this one.

    We also have a 5 year old English Bulldog named Lil that we’re gradually introducing him to. So far they regard each other with mild suspicion but mostly curiosity. They both have extremely sociable temperaments, and an affinity for laying around. so I’m hopeful they’ll become friends with time. 🙂 (:

    I’ve cared for cats before (even worked at a feline sanctuary for a spell) but I nonetheless find myself with kitten questions and just generally thirst for cat trivia and knowledge, so, hopefully I can glean some of that here.



    Welcome to TDK, the fluffiest place on the net.
    Your wee Cosmos sounds like he is adorable and a handful. You have interesting times ahead of you.
    There are a number of TDKers here who will be able to answer any queries you may have so ask away.
    I’m sure Cosmo and Lily will become friends once they have sized each other up for a while.
    My avatar pic is our cat Moonshadow – Shadz and HRH are her main nicknames. We live in New Zealand and it’s Winter at the moment. Brrrr



    Hi and welcome! Sounds like you have a normal, healthy kitten and at 9 weeks, they do seem to have an affinity for finding themselves in places that they shouldn’t be! 😆 Now is a good time to make sure you kitten proof your home, by making sure they can’t chew electrical cords, etc.==although I realize this is easier said than done.

    Make sure he has plenty of toys and a cat scratcher for his claws and a place to look out a window or two to watch the goings on outside. Plenty of good food, clean water and clean litterbox are necessities too. I don’t know specifically what questions you have about your cat, but please feel free to ask. We have several links to cat raising sites, but most of them are for bottle babies and your cat is past the age of needing them.

    We are here when and if you need us!



    Yes Cosmos has at least a million toys and about a million more he’s just decided are his toys.. socks turned out to be a huge hit, as are electrical cords and his litter box unfortunately. :S After tucking away and taping the cords and finding him STILL managing to find exposed bits I’ve taken to disconnecting the power completely when I can’t be there to supervise.

    Fortunately he’s easily distracted by anything else on the ground so he seems to be gradually losing interest in this past time (gradually).

    Haven’t figured out how to make the litter box less appealing in that way yet. :/



    Also the name moonshadow suits your cat so well! She looks so glowy and mysterious in that picture.

    Thank you both for the kind replies 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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