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    Hello everyone! Hope you can all see this (: just joined this today. My aunts boyfriend recently found a newborn kitten under his shed. I don’t think he waited for the mother or anything so I think this baby is stolen. Regardless he was only a day old when he was found so they gave him to me because they couldn’t take care of him. I have been formula dfeeding him every two hours and took him to the vet at 5 days old due to his umbilical cord bleeding. It turned out fine and fell off the next day. He was only 4 ounces when I took him in and today he is 9 days old amdnomly 6.55 ounces… This is my !major concern right now. He poops and pees at a normal amount and eats good, is warmed well and has his own space in a cat carrier that I have. I just hope he’s doing okay and his eyes haven’t opened yet. Does he seem healthy to y’all? Wish I could post a picture!



    Welcome Zaria to TDKland!

    It sounds like this wee kit found a purrfect foster mom. At this age, Kits are fragile but, you’re doing all the right stuff. 🙂




    i’m sure his eyes will open over the next few days. check to see if he has fleas. easiest seen on theie bellies.i hope he continues to do well. best wishes.


    Angelababy Benjamin


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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