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    My cat, Penny, is female, 8 months old, spayed, and I rescued her when she was 2 weeks old. She is very attached to me, way more than any other cat I’ve ever seen. If I leave her alone somewhere in the house she cries, unless it’s in my room with the door closed. With that said, she’s doing something weird. She has a security blanket, she has had it since she was 3 weeks and sleeps with it every night. Lately she has been dragging the blanket around the house and kneading it and suckling on it. At this point I’m just confused by her dragging it all over the house. Well yesterday I went to my grandma’s to help her with a month old kitten she found, I taught her all the rescue kitten things and bathed him and got fleas off of him. When I came home Penny seemed angry with me and ran away from me for an hour. Today she was dragging her blanket around and did something I’ve never seen before: she sprawled out her blanket and was dancing around it. Like, dancing. Then she took each corner in her mouth and looked like she was squatting over the rest of the blanket like she had to pee, but she didn’t pee. Is this normal? And what could be causing this behavior? Thanks.



    That is too funny! She’s dragging her blankie around because you won’t pay attention to her WHEN SHE WANTS IT! Welcome to the guilt trip club. She’s your snuggily, needy girl and will continue as such.

    She sensed you had been with ANOTHER kitten and that’s why she’s ran away. How dare you!!

    I don’t know anything about the dance. It could be another means to get your attention. Unless Miss Penny starts with bad behavior, I wouldn’t worry about it.



    Haha thank for your input! I guess she’s just trying to make me feel bad, huh? Honestly I was a little worried she had joined a cult or something 😉 I’ll keep an eye on her and try to give her more love… *when she’s in the mood* lol



    Oh my Penny 1- Mama 0
    Guilt trip successfully installed.
    You have to love how a cat can make you feel bad.
    What a lovely cat Penny seems to be. 🙂



    That dance sounds a bit as if she’s play-hunting/fighting the blanket – possibly, as everyone else has suggested, because you came home smelling of That Other Cat, but it could also be simply for the fun of it.



    Moon shadow_AZ,
    Thanks she is lovely and honestly I love how needy she is. I like a more codependant animal relationship. I just wanted to make sure she wasn’t stressed out or sick or anything.
    Yeah maybe she was getting aggressive at the thought of me being with another kitten haha.



    When my old kitty knew I’d spent time with other cats, he’d get weirdly aggressive like that! His MO was to sniff me and then shoot immediately to his scratching post, where he’d scratch up an angry storm and bat at it like it had stolen his wallet 😆 I think Miss Penny just had a lot of emotion she didn’t know what to do with!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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