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    My friend found a neonatal kitten and I decided to take over as I have a lot of free time. It’s little eyes aren’t even open yet. I have a few questions. I went to the store and bought some KMR by the brand PetAG that came in an aluminum can because I read it was a pretty good formula. However, when I went over to pick him up they handed me a carton of Milk Replacer Plus by PetAg. Which is better? Should I continue feeding the kitten what it’s tum is already used to or should I switch him over slowly? Also when do you know to stop burping a kitten? Do you actually hear a “burp” or for how long should I do it? About how much should I be feeding him and how often? I’m going to visit the vet in 3 days so he can check the little baby out. He seems pretty healthy and clean but I just want to make sure.



    I will post some links for you on general kitten raising. He needs to be kept warm in a nest you make with blankets. Wrap a heating pad with a towel. Set it on low and a place to crawl off if he gets too warm. Kittens cannot digest anything if they aren’t kept warm. The PegAg formulas are great, I wouldn’t worry about which one to use. You have to stimulate them to pee and poop before and after feedings like their mothers would do. Take a soft cloth and rub their pee area and they will pee. The poop isn’t as easy, but rubbing the anal area gently, you can usually get them to poop too.

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