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    Hi everyone!
    I need some advice…My family owns an apartment complex that I live and work at, and my downstairs neighbor has 2 cats that he got as kittens. We don’t allow kittens at the complex, but we let his slide. However, the kittens became of mature age quickly, and they had their 1st litter of 4/5 kittens a few months ago.
    We told him the kittens had to go and that it couldn’t happen again, but I’ve noticed the female getting round and her nipples looking very noticeable once again. I don’t want to evict the man because he’s a sweet, older war vet, but these kittens can’t keep happening for our sake and the kittens! He’s not even home a lot to help with socializing them either. The whole situation is extremely irresponsible to me.
    My question is: How do we ensure this won’t keep happening? Do we force him to get rid of his cats? Force him to spay/neuter? What’s going to happen to these new kittens?
    I don’t have a super great relationship with him (we are friendly though), but I thought about talking to him and seeing if I could take them, foster them, and then have a shelter adopt them out and give him a cheap/free spay, but that’s all dependent on a shelter working with me…I did recently start fostering with a local shelter, but I don’t have a large rapport with them either.
    Any suggestions?



    Hi Lauren,

    Welcome to TDKland.

    You did let him slide on the kittens but have warned him about more kittens. Your plan to foster/re-home and spay his girls is a sound idea. Remind him of the regulations and that he could be evicted. Also, let him know he’s a good tenant and you’re offering to foster/re-home so he doesn’t have to be evicted.

    Here’s a list of low cost/free spay/neuter clinics. Look up your state and give them a call.

    It caught my eye that he’s an older veteran. Does anyone know if he has family? As a disabled veteran, I’m concerned that he’s alone. I ask this in general because it’s not your responsibility.

    Good Luck



    Hi Lauren,
    I agree with PG, that the best alternative to this situation that is getting out of control is to contact a no kill shelter or SPCA that will help you with the spay/neutering of these kittens. He should have had his females spayed to begin with, but since he didn’t, and you let him stay, the result is this chaos. 🙁 He may not know about these options, but talking to him is the best place to start, and who knows, you may end up developing a great relationship with him and both of you benefit!

    Keep us posted!



    PG, thank you for your response and concern! He does have family near-by, and his very good friend and her family live in the complex as well. He’s older, but still works and is very active. I just honestly think he either doesn’t have the funds to get them spayed/neutered or he’s clueless on how cat pregnancy works? Either way, I’m willing to work with him myself, especially since unwanted cats are such a problem these days.

    Thanks again, and will try to keep everyone posted!

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