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    I adopted a 6 months old kitten yesterday and his name is “the Max of Zorro”, Max for short.. I had my friends kids come up with a name and they chose Zorro, while cute, didn’t really stick with me. I kept feeling Max was a good name, so I combined them and it kind of works. He is chipped.

    The reason why I got Max is that he is supposedly very laid back and very affectionate, so I thought putting up with me would be easier on him.

    I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment so it was hard to find a quiet place to set him up so he could be alone and acclimate to my apartment. My apartment doesn’t have any doors (except for the bathroom). I had the tv on. I am always here and of course last night I had insomnia (not just about wondering if my cat is okay), so I was up cleaning and walking around the whole apartment, sometimes looking for him. I only left to do laundry and go to the store.

    The sad thing is that since I brought him home I haven’t seen or heard from him at all. It doesn’t look like he has eaten, drank or used the litter box since I let him out.

    I know it has only been 24 hours but I keep panicking that I already messed up and either killed him or got out of the apartment and any other new cat owner fantasy that you could come up with. I don’t think he got out of the apartment because I was trying to be watchful when I left. Thankfully there are only a stairway and a small closet that he could hide in the hallway and I have looked and listened several times.It is even more doubtful he got outside.

    I go looking for him and found him only once around 8pm last night behind the couch and probably added to his stress.

    I have been told that this not unusual behavior for a cat coming into a new environment, BUT IT’S FREAKING ME OUT!!!!! Just having him come out and eat a bit and/or using the letterbox would be reassuring.

    Any advice and/or reassurance would be really appreciated!!!

    Has anyone seen this CAT!

    Todd Mogilner



    Hi Todd – Max is a cool name! I had a similar experience when Comet was a baby. He was home for only a week, and we couldn’t find him, then I got it stuck in my head that he might have gotten outside. A small chance, and I’m always watchful too, but once the thought gets into your head it freaks you out. The search is obviously difficult because he doesn’t know his name and doesn’t know you, so you are at the mercy of his comfort level.
    Time is pretty much your best option. Given a quiet, calm atmosphere, Max’s hunger and curiosity will eventually win and he will venture out.
    Please come out soon, Max!



    I have proof of MEOW and LIFE. Max has finally found me. He started meowing about an hour after I wrote my initial note and he finally came out to explore the apartment. He is walking around my computer desk right now and meowing at me. I am so happy.

    He is still very very skittish and we are trying to negotiate where he can be and where he can’t be on my computer desk when I am on the computer. I work from home so Monday maybe interesting. I hope he will be more settled by work time.

    So many questions and so many and concerns but am not unhappy that I got him.



    Brilliant news daremo.
    Try sitting quietly on the floor maybe reading a book and when Max begins coming closer to you talk to him in a quiet calm voice without making any big movements. This helps him get used to you. Use the slow blink – look at Max when he is looking at you and do a slow blink until your eyes are almost shut and then slowly open, but don’t stare at him. That tells your cat your are not a threat and you may well get a slow blink back.
    Good luck with Max and please feel free to keep posting here as we love hearing about new kitties. Check out the Cafe that has a different theme each day. Maybe you can post a picture of Max as he becomes less skittish.
    My avatar is my cat Moonshadow.



    Yay for Max, so glad he’s made an appearance!
    Topic tags on the right can give you some general information. Of course, feel free to keep posting on this thread, start a new one, or ask/comment on the café thread, where people tend to hang out.
    And yes, please take pics when you can and send them in, it would be great to see Max featured as The Daily Kitten!
    Good luck when your work hours start tomorrow!

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