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    I am from Pakistan, I found and injured abandoned kitten on my roof, he was approximately 7-10 days old..his eyes were open.
    We took him in after waiting a few hours for him mother. We tried to feed him some milk but him won’t take anything.
    Next morning my sister and I took him to the nearest Vet. I did not have any knowledge on how to raise a foster kitten and hoped that they will guide me. They told me to just feed him baby formula, gave me a bottle and said that’s all. I asked whether to keep the kitten warmed or not they said that him is not needed.
    I came home and started him on the formula. The kitten we named him Pretzel took to it. After a day we noticed that he wasn’t excreting anything, so we looked to the internet. We found out that they do need to be kept warm and we shouldn’t be feeding them baby formula. But the problem is that kitten formula is not available in our country, neither is goat milk.
    Now today is his fourth day on formula and today he has been pooping every few hours..I’ve gotten another appointment at another Vet, quite far from where I live, but I don’t have much faith in him after my first experience. I don’t know what to do. Please help me and guide me.

    P.S: There aren’t any animal shelters here in my city. I called every Animal Hospital and Clinic.

    P.P.S: My family and general attitude of adults is not very supportive, so I don’t know how long I will be allowed to care for him. If there is anyone from Rawalpindi, Pakistan here and has any information please guide me.



    Hi Aleena, thank you for rescuing this little kitten. I am going to post some links for you that will help you in feeding and caring for your kitten. Do you know anyone who has a goat that has goat’s milk? If you do, you can pasteurize it yourself and I will post a link that tells you how. Yes, you need to keep your kitten warm–if you have a heating pad, you can wrap it in a towel and set it on low and make a place for the kitten to crawl off if it gets too warm. Or a hot water bottle wrapped in a blanket or a small bag of rice warmed in the microwave wrapped in a towel. These last two things need to be reheated often.
    The messy beast link has a recipe for ‘kitten glop’ which is a substitute for formula if you cannot get it. You have to mix ingredients for this but you might be able to get them. Bless you for trying your best for this kitten!

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