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    Tarita Hayes

    My Nyla is 8 weeks old. She does not drink water. I’ve been feeding her canned food since I got her. At first I was adding water to her food but it was making her poop really soft. I’ve tried adding broth or tuna juice to her water, she still won’t drink it. She plays and her poop is normal I’m just worried because I’ve never had a kitten not drink. She’s a bobtail and sometimes she has problems with her poop not falling into the litter box. It kind of sticks out until she sits down. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks



    Cats are not natural water drinkers like dogs. Adding water to her food is a good idea, and eventually she will probably drink it. It should always be available to her. She might like one of those waterfall dispensers to drink from, it’s more like a toy that way.

    Remember she is just a kitten, and learning to use the litter box. Most kittens go through stages learning how to poop correctly–not stepping in it never crossed their little minds until they do it, and they have to wash their feet!! Okay, so after a while, they get better at it and start covering it up without getting it everywhere. If, after a while, she is still having problems, you may want to take her to the vet and make sure everything is okay with her spine curving toward her tail as some manx and bobtail breeds do have problems in this area.

    Also, try getting her a covered box–she will be less likely to poop over the edge of the box that way and she might feel more protected and take more time to poop.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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