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    My husband found a small kitten lying alongside the road to the entrance of a grocery store, was a very hot day, her whiskers were singed, she was bleeding from her nostrils, and had very labored breathing with raspy gasps.

    i cleared her nostrils, sponged her off to help with the hyperthermia, she has small teeth, her ears are perky and opened, so i am putting her age at 5 weeks old. i noticed she was covered in fleas, so i grabbed the flea comb and lost count after counting 280 fleas…

    she was very weak, so i pushed fluids through a syringe, she was hydrated and i gave her some antibiotics. we went to Wal-Mart (first mistake), and i got her a powdered kitten milk replacement made by Hartz. i was feeding her every 2-3 hours, After 24 hours, she had improved so much, breathing was normal, no gasping, eyes not watery, she perked up, had 2 good bowel movements, urine was in good amounts…so i gave her a nice warm bath, with some watered down Dawn for any fleas or eggs left, she is flea free!

    Then….she began to have seizure like activity, twitching, twisting. rapid arm, leg movements, rigid body, but she doesn’t lose conscious, her abdomen began to swell, i came to the computer and after reading some posts about the Hartz KMR, i stopped it immediately, so i started her on children’s Gas-x, and went to Petco and got her the liquid PetAG milk replacer plus, and some worm med called HomeoPet Feline WRM Clear…

    her seizure like activity has not stopped, i gave her 3ml of 2% milk as a laxative, and it did make her go, but i saw someplace online to take a small amount of canned cat food, mix with the PetAG and have started syringe feeding to her to help her get rid of the Hartz KMR in her digestive tract. she has had 1 feeding like this and tolerated it well, so i think this is how i am going to feed her from now on.

    i pray the seizure like activity will reverse itself, once that Hartz poison is out of her system…right now i wrap her up like a burrito and keep her close to my chest.

    Has this happened to anyone else and am i on the right track here, any advice, cause i can sure use it. i have fallen for this sweet little girl…. i will be taking her to the vet soon, i have lots of love for her, am just low on cash…



    Hi GypsyRose,

    Thanks for giving this young girl a loving furever home. She is so young and has had a terrible start in life. I’ve heard of the problems with Hartz formula. I sincerely hope this is what’s causing her seizures.

    Here’s all the basic information she needs to be comfortable.

    KMR concentrate tends to give kits constipation and the liquid does the opposite. In TDKland, we recommend Goats’ milk for kittens. Cats are lactose intolerant and can’t digest cows milk. Goats’ milk is full of nutrients, probiotics and gentler on their tummies. This can also regulate the poop. You can find it in the dairy section or the concentrate in the baking aisle. Mix the concentrate 1:1 with water or pedylite. If, at any time, they seem lethargic put a dab of Karo syrup or honey in their mouth.

    Make a nest in a secure location. Prepare a small room or space that will be hers for the first few days or weeks. Having a smaller area to explore at first will help your kitten get comfortable with her new home. She cannot regulate body temperature so she must be kept warm. I think the best way is to place a heating pad, on LOW, covered by a towel and a soft blanket. Be sure to provide a “cool” spot for her to crawl if she gets too warm. I recommend getting him a soft squishy toy and put it in his nest. Wee kits usually snuggle up to the toy. It will give her comfort and extra warmth.

    If milk bubbles out of the kittens’ nose it is flowing too rapidly from the bottle, you are holding the kitten wrong, or it is too weak to suckle normally. Be sure to always check the Goats milk’s temperature by shaking a drop or two onto your wrist. Never put the bottle directly in the microwave to heat.

    Feed her while she’s resting on their stomachs. Never feed her upright as you would a human infant. Your girl should suckle the nipple on her own. Once feeding is done you need to burp her. During the first week, feed her every two hours. During the next three weeks, feed her every three hours. When she are four weeks old, you can space out her feed every six to twelve hours depending on how much solid food they are already eating. At the 5-6 weeks stage, you can feed her gruel. You mix Goats’ milk with wet food and give that to her. She may be ready to eat from a bowl. If she isn’t, when you put the gruel in the bottle. Make sure open the nipple enough so the gruel comes out.

    Normal kitten stools are yellowish brown with a jam-like consistency. After every feeding, gently massage the anus and urinary orifice with a cotton ball or Kleenex moistened with warm water until they urinate and defecate. Also, a smidgen of mineral oil in their formula can usually help them poop. You can put a dab of Neosporin on her bum if he gets sore. She may not produce urine or stool after every feeding.

    Here’s a couple of links that may answer more questions.




    Thanks for the reply! I would like to give you the update on my Sweet Gypsy Rose, I started giving her the infant gas-x, and PetAg plus Liquid, she seemed “starving” so i started mixing in small amounts of Fancy Feast canned food mixed in with the PetAG, she has not had a violent seizure in over 24 hours, she is urinating enough and has had a great “poopy”, yellow and some of it was hard formed.

    She arouses easily when i pet her, she stretches, she licks her paws, rubs her eyes, she can stand, and she cuddles, she just doesn’t have full strength to walk around, understandable knowing the condition she was found in. She still gets her flea combing, and she remains flea free.

    After this learning experience, i do would NEVER buy the hartz milk Replacer powder, had i kept feeding that to her, she would have died, i know this by watching her go through those violent seizures. She is a fighter, and i was not going to give up on her.

    Everytime i cuddle her in my arms and look into those beautiful little blue eyes, hard to believe 5 days ago she was a wilted lil rose! i praise God, He allowed me to save her.

    I Contacted my vet this morning, and will be taking her. I bought her a litter box and now will be looking for that info!

    God Bless…



    Yea, yea-that is such wonderful news! Your love saved her from death for the second time-you are her guardian angel.



    Hi GR, I posted on the other thread you put up, so don’t know if you read that one…PG, I suspect that you clicked on that one and your post was here..that’s the trouble with double postings. Anyway, glad she is feeling better and just throw the Hartz formula away. I wouldn’t use anything with Hartz on it–scary stuff!!



    Hi ya!
    i am sorry i didn’t know i posted twice. I tossed the hartz powder. Gypsy Rose has tried to stand up and is still weak, takes small baby steps and does not go more than a foot, i think what i am dealing with now may be the flea anemia. i am going to start her on infants iron supplements and pick up some livers for her. Anyone have any suggestions?

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