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    I have 2 cats. Kitty is 13ish (she’s a rescue my fiancé got her 12-13 years ago) our second cat is Alice and she’s a year and a half. We just had her 6 month check and she weighs 15.3 lbs!! The dr says she needs to loose weight but I need help coming up with additional ideas.
    This is what we already do and have always done.
    I measure out the blue buffalo weight control dry food 1/4 cup in each cats bowl 7-8 am and 5-7 pm. They get occasional wet food as a treat. We used to feed more wet food but they preferred the dry so they get what they like. Over the last couple months I have been stingy with the treats although my fiancé has a heavy hand with the treats which I’ve stopped.
    What else can I do?



    Melissa, I’m no expert on weight loss for cats. I would probably cut the dry food back quite a bit and they would have one MEAL of it per day. The rest would be wet food. I am going to post a link on cat nutrition for you to look over too. It’s quite lengthy I believe, so you will want to take your time with it. Your vet would be another way to go: ask them what’s a good healthy weight for the ages of your cats, and how to get them there.



    Welcome To TDK land, Melissa. We are all fluffy and feline.

    The general rule is dry food is mostly carbohydrates. Wet food is protein and water. Some Blue Buffalo dry formulas have higher protein levels. Like humans the more carbs we eat the more weight we put on.

    As KZ said, cut back on dry food and give them more wet food. Cut out the treats unless you use a treat ball similar to this toy.

    Good luck and keep in touch



    KZ and PG have great advice!
    Im actually battling obesity with my cat right now. Try to cut out the dry food entirely and if you do give treats use them in one of the toys like PG mentioned or as a reward after physical activities like a good play session. That way the cat gets good exercise and you get to have that quality time together. Of course, make sure to limit the treats to a conservative number per day:).
    Aside from those things, what has worked for me is carefully observing portions (cats really dont have to eat all that much) and switching to a raw diet. Nothing else was working, not even switching to wet food. It takes a lot of research but if you do it right, your cat will be happier, healthier and if you make your own, its very economical. Its been a slow road but now instead of 16lbs, shes at a happier 12lbs.

    Play, portions and observing your pets diet are essential to weight loss in kitties!

    Also, KZ beat me to it and posted the website I was going to recommend :P. Great site!

    Good luck with your chubster!

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