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    Haqeen brown

    Hello everyone

    I have three beautiful kittens and they’re all doing amazingly well the mother is caring for them none stop and is extremely protective over them

    i’m just slightly confused on how to wean them properly i’ve been told so many different things by so many different people don’t use this don’t do that?

    What the propper age to wean them?
    How to wean them?
    What to wean them with? (I’ve got goats milk)
    And also how to litter train them?

    Sorry if i seem abit stupid this is the first time i’m dealing with actual baby kittens and i want to make sure that i’m doing everything right by them

    thank you guys 🙂




    Concats of your new fur family. If mama is taking care of them you shouldn’t interfere with her. Mamas will feed them up 8-12 weeks however, you can introduce wet food (pate style) about 5 weeks. That’s a good age to begin the transition.

    Again, mama should be cleaning and showing them how to use the litter box.

    You just keep an eye on mama and the kits. If you have or can get a kitchen scale, then you can weight them daily to make sure they’re gain weight.

    Mamas can go in to heat while nursing her kits so you might consider having her spayed now. It won’t affect her ability to feed/care for her kits.

    If you other concerns or want to chat about your kits, check in.
    Good Luck




    Hi Haqeen,
    Make sure the food you provide the kittens is the pate’ style wet food with no chunks or shreds, even though mama may like it. She will benefit from this now because she needs extra nutrition and she will probably like goat’s milk too. You can actually mix a little of the milk with the food and she gets what she needs while she is still nursing. In the wild, she would kill things and bring back to them (UGH) so providing food for them is essential to their health too. They will still try to nurse from her way past the time to wean, but they should be weaned by the 8 to 10 week mark.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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