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    hi, i am fostering a stray kitten. i have had him for about 2 and a half weeks. he had about 4 or 5 fleas on him when i first got him. i gave him a dawn detergent bath on the first day and thought he was flea free. however, a few days later, i saw one flea on him. so i gave him another dawn bath. i thought that would have killed all the fleas until i noticed another flea last week. this time,i learned to soap around his neck area first. i also tracked down and killed that one remaining flea. (used petroleum jelly on a qtip to immobilize the flea). i hope he is now flea-free. as for his weight, on day 5, he weighed 15 ozs. on day 14 he was 1 lb 2.5 ozs. do i need to test him for worms? if yes, can i just bring some of his poop to the vet or does he need to be examined as well?

    i also was told by a cat lady to not feed him any fish cat food as it full of toxins. she also said not to give beef, duck or rabbit. so besides chicken and turkey, what can i feed him?

    the cat lady also said male kittens are best neutered around 9 months. is that true? i was planning on turning him into the humane society but they neuter at 2lbs so that is way younger than 9 months.

    oh one last thing–i took this kitten because he was found on the side of the road by a woman who could not foster him. however, i later learned sometimes kittens are not abandoned by their mothers, that the mother might just be out hunting for food. i don’t have any way to contact the woman who found him. if i cannot find its mother, will he be okay?

    he seems alert and is getting playful. thank you!



    You may be seeing fleas if they laid eggs and they are now hatching out. Just be diligent in looking for them and removing them, you will get them all finally!

    You don’t say how old your kitten is. But yes, he should see a vet, and the vet will administer (or give you some) wormer to get rid of his parasites. They sometimes get them from the mother and almost all kittens have them.

    Kittens can be neutered WAAAAY before 9 months and it is preferred, so that they don’t establish spraying behavior. Once they weigh 2 pounds, I think they can be neutered. Check with your vet when you take him in for his dewormer.

    Also, you can feed him any wet food you want. Switch it up so that he gets a variety of fish, chicken, turkey, duck, etc. and he will not end up being picky. He will be fine without his mother, just make sure you give him plenty of food, fresh water, and milk (formula KMR, goat’s milk) if he is under 5 to 6 weeks old.



    As KZ said you can neuter them earlier than 9 months. When I volunteered a Vet. office, the guideline was 2 lbs/10 wks.



    tk you kittyzee.

    he was 15 oz on the 5th day i got him so i guess he was about 3-4 weeks old at the time so he is probably about 5-6 weeks now.

    i am confused about the milk replacement issue. most people i talked to said since he has been eating solid food, that he doesn’t need it? and the cat lady said fish has too much nitrogen (and ocean pollutants)and can lead to kidney disease down the line. i am wondering if that is why so many cats have renal issues?

    the humane society neuters kittens when they are at least 2 lbs but the cat lady one should wait till their testicles drop which happens around 9 months. i wonder what the downside, if any, of neutering at 2lbs?

    i probably will take him to the vet so i can ask her. tx again!



    tk you pussigato. the woman who found him told me it would only take 2 more weeks for him to reach 2lbs (from 15 oz). now that i know more, i know that is totally underestimated.



    Generally speaking, kittens’ testicles drop while he’s in the womb. If they don’t drop then, they usually do so within the first six weeks of life. Information from PetMD. Most kittens will reach 2 lbs. by 8-10 weeks.

    Many vets. don’t recommend feeding seafood too often. Although we think fish is what cats want, it isn’t part of their natural diet.

    Tuna and salmon, may contain elevated levels of heavy metals and other toxins. Tilefish (listed on pet food labels as “ocean whitefish”) are among the worst contaminated, along with mackerel, shark, and swordfish. FDA advises against women of childbearing age and children to avoid them entirely so it’s natural that cats could be extended to cats.

    I hope this info helps you.




    tk you pussigato. i did read online that one vet said he preferred to neuter at 4lbs. is there any harm to kitty being neutered at 2lbs? one cat parent said it affects their hormones/growth pattern.

    as for fish, the cat lady said it was the nitrogen from the fish that is the cause of kidney issues in cats. that made sense to me as so many cats seem to end up with renal failure. especially, as you mentioned, since fish is not a normal cat food.

    btw. i found someone to take over the fostering as i have an elderly rabbit who needs special care but i still would like to learn more about kitten/cat health. just in case.



    I’m glad you found a foster for your guy and I hope you can watch him grow into a handsome guy kit. Most rescue organizations will neuter at 2 lbs. but 4 lbs. is fine. I don’t know of any effects from early neutering. An elderly rabbit, how cute is that? I’ve been a cat slave forever and I’m learning stuff everyday.

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