My Little Kitten is dying, and there's nothing I can do to save her

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    My little Nutmeg is the sole survivor of her litter, and ironically, the runt. Hush was the first little boy to die, and I blame myself and my inexperience. I couldn’t pick up the signs, and dehydration was the end of him within the first week I had them. Her oldest sister Ginger died of FKS a month after, there was absolutely nothing I could do to save her while her body had already shut down. And tragically, her brother Roary ran towards a car and got hit only a few days ago. Please note that I live in a country with barely any vets, and my family isn’t in the best financial condition. I contacted the only two animal shelters in the country and both were too full to take any kittens.

    That’s it for backstory. Fast forward to today, Nutmeg hasn’t peed or pooped for almost two days. She can barely move, and can’t even get up stairs anymore from how big she is. I’ve tried stimulating her, I really have. But she’s 9 weeks old… nothing is working. A very small 9 week old might I add.

    I’ve stopped feeding her as of yesterday night, and when left her a bit of milk, she wouldn’t eat. This is it. I feel awful. Any advice or consolation would be appreciated. She’s currently napping in my lap.



    Get some sugar water, or some kind of syrup and get it into her. By rubbing it on her gums or placing it on her tongue. Her sugar levels are dropping and it makes her lethargic. If this perks her up, then get some food into her some how if you have to syringe feed her wet food with a little syrup added to it a drop at a time. You cannot stop feeding an animal and expect them to survive. Don’t expect her to eat on her own, even if you put some on your finger and get food into her by placing it on the roof of her mouth.

    I am so sorry for the loss of your other kittens. They would have had no chance at all without you trying to help them. I hope Nutmeg is still alive by the time you read this. I’ll post a link for you to read and maybe you can find something in it that will help her. Keep us posted!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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