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    our kitten kitty is about 2 months old now, but at about 4-6 weeks she started biting our arms and hands, shed cling to my arm and just bite away,and also kick at my arm with her hind legs like a jackrabbit. We have tried using toys to distract her attention away from our limbs, all kinds. Nothing has worked yet. Im in a wheelchair, and she has also gotten into the habit of wanting to climb up my legs into my lap, and my legs are completely scratched up. How can I get her to stop this as well? Any advice?



    Hi Jessica. Well, kittens will be kittens, and they like to chew, bite and kick. Not playing with her with hands and feet is a start, but diverting her attention to wand toys, kicker toys that she can kick like a jackrabbit, balls that roll across the floor with noise, and other battery operated toys too, and of course the laser are toys that will keep her interested and drain her of her kitten energy until she outgrows the need to chew every moving thing–especially your hands and arms.

    She will outgrow it, it just takes time and a lot of patience but she is a kitten and she wants to be with you. Place a throw or blanket or something protective across your lap, something that she can get traction on to get in your lap.


    I have same problem with my Kitty 🙁



    I am having this problem with my 8-9 week old kitten, Soda.

    My partner and I adopted him off a friend who must have been using her hands and feet to play with him when he was smaller. We have toys that I try to use as distractions when he gets bitey and tries to grab my hands and feet with his claws out…but my partner (who is quite a big guy and isn’t hurt by Soda biting at his fingers and feet) keeps allowing him to play with his hands etc.

    Will Soda grow out of this behaviour? I spend most of my free time at home playing with him in the hopes he will relax and sit down for a cuddle with me…but it seems nothing is working. Every time I go to pat him he pounces at my hand or leg…


    Jojo Tommas

    My kitten was doing the same thing (I found out it could be due to early separation from mama cat) and, after tons of research, I found the Catsifier. Miracle product, I tell you. Lily can’t stay away from it and my fingers and ear lobes don’t smell like tuna in gravy! Win win situation.

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