My kitten bites my nose and ear. It hurts and how do I stop it.

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    Johnny Kight

    Hi,I’m used to dealing with dogs so I’m new to cats. I have a little boy kitten named Frodo and I love him to death. But he keeps biting me on parts of my head and face. I’ve look up questions online to see if he’s just being affectionate but I can’t tell. He’s purring then does a weird inhale/ sniffing thing in my ear then he bites. This occurs at 3 in the morning. Coming from an ex football player who can take pain, hurts like a mother *bleep! Any info would be greatly appreciated.



    HI Johnny,

    Welcome to the other side with Frodo. Here’s the run down on playing with kittens. A kitten biting your face not uncommon problem.

    Firstly, is Frodo neutered? That makes a big difference in his behavior and play.

    A kitten’s life is all about play, and play is all about prey. Soon after they open their eyes and hoist themselves up on their teeny paws, kittens start to play.
    How to play:
    Don’t let your kitten play with your hands or feet (or any other body part). This sends the message that your fingers and toes are prey for pouncing.
    Use a fishing pole-type toy or throw a toy for them to chase — this keeps them away from your hands and body. Give your kitten something to wrestle with. This is one of the ways kittens play with each other, and a way they try to play with human feet and hands, so it’s important to provide this type of alternative.
    Encourage play with a “wrestling toy” by rubbing it against your kitten’s belly when they want to play roughly—and be sure to get your hand out of the way as soon as they accept the toy.

    Kittens and cats are nocturnal and they love to play at night. Frodo is romping and nipping while you’re sleeping because…he can. Quite often it happens when you’re lying down, in a non-threatening position. Just as you’re nice and relaxed, your kitten jumps onto you, licks your face then takes a nip. A good way to help both of you is to wear him out before you go to bed. Play, play and play for at least 30 mins. so he gets tired. However, if this doesn’t stop it may be necessary keep Frodo out of the bedroom. Or you can set up a playpen area, in the bedroom, for him to play at night with plenty of toys.


    I don’t know if this helps or not but I follow a sight and one of the few posts I read might be helpful. The link is: Behavioural signs andwhat they mean about your cat’s health


    Stella Ferguson

    I so understand what you are coming through. I’ve got a brother who just spoiled our kitten and now it’s impossible to pat her without getting bitten. Tried almost everything. Nothing helps. Mostly because she is not a grown-up cat and it’s really had to reteach her. Still, while trying to find out some solution, i did some research for a website on the related topics and I found these youtube videos and this article. Hope these help

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