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    I recently rescued a kitten from the street and began to care for it. It’s only been 2 days since but he hasn’t pooped at all. When I first got him I didn’t knew what to do and fed him some cooked chicken but as soon as I realized that I shouldn’t do that I stopped and now I feed him kitten milk. I’ve heard that kitten Bellow 4 weeks old can die if they eat solid food since they can’t poop it out. It’s been 2 days and he only has urinated. I’m really scared for him and the closest vet appointment is next week on Friday since my town only has 2 vet store.since I rescued him I don’t know his/her age yet but I’m guessing by other forums online 3-6 weeks.



    Hi Nicho,

    Thanks for getting the wee kit. It’s not unusual for kits to not poop for a couple days. This is esp. true when you’re not sure if the kit has eaten in awhile.

    If I have it right, you’ve had the kitten for 4 days. Has he pooped? Kitten milk is good however, if you have access to Goats milk that is better. Goats’ milk is full of nutrients, probiotics and gentler on their tummies. This can also regulate the poop. You probably don’t have it in the store so get it from someone who sells it. You need to pasteurize the milk.

    You can feed him the chicken but make sure it’s small enough for him to swallow. You can also add a bit of mineral or vegetable oil in his milk. This will ease his bowel movement.

    If you can, please call a vet.

    Good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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