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    Hi! I have had my kitten Pinot for over a month and after numerous baths, he still smells like his litter box does. I noticed that he rolls around in his litter after he is done going to the bathroom. Then my dog gets excited and it turns into a play date. Pinot also has an upper respiratory infection that he takes meds for but it’s the kind that he will have his whole life. Not sure if that has anything to do with it?? Any advice would be great!



    He may have feline herpes, which means he will have it his whole life, but it doesn’t mean that he will have an active case of runny nose, eyes, etc. Once his immune system gets established, the symptoms should subside.

    You definitely need to teach him how not to hang out in the litter box. He should do his business, cover it, then get out of it. Maybe it’s the only place where he feels safe, or is exhibiting a behavior that outside cats do which is roll in the dust taking a dust bath. Some cats will roll in the litter because they don’t have dirt to roll in. I’ve never had an inside cat do this myself.

    You can take a warm, damp cloth and wipe your kittens eyes and nose, especially if there is a lot of discharge. Also, you can wipe his fur all over too. There are cloths specially made to do this with cats. Or, while he is young, you can even bathe him, making sure to avoid his ears and head with a lot of water. Some cats enjoy water and the clean feeling afterwards. Make sure it is warm, and when you are done, toweling him off and using a blow dryer on low to dry him thoroughly.

    Maybe a trip back to the vet would be in order too to make sure that the URI is getting better or there is something else causing his smell.



    Hey. My youngest cat Stormy is a year old and has the URI feline herpes. And the kittens we are fostering from the same outside colony have it as well. I’ve found that l-lysine works awesome. You can get it at the vet but I found the exact same brand and dosage on amazon. Once we got stormy cleared up past year she hasn’t had a flare up since. We gave her the lysine powder 2 times daily for the first 6months as a preventative. And with the kittens I’ve had them since September 13th and the kittens eyes have almost completely cleared up. They still have a small piece of crust every once in a while but almost cleared up in less than a month.
    I wouldn’t say the uri is causing the smell or causing the kit to role around in the litter box.
    Good luck



    Hi Tori, if your cat has Feline Herpes or cat flu then Lysine can work wonders is she continues to get symptoms over her life.
    At the moment I have our 16 year old cat sitting next to me and she had cat flu when we got her as a 7 week old kitten. She pulled through it but it was a close call several times. She has been left with a weepy eye, sneezing but only when she becomes stressed for some reason. We now give her 1000mg of Lysine hunam grade powder a day mixed in to her food and she seldom shows any symptoms now and is much happier. She also developed stomatitis, another side effect of cat flu and the Lysine has also helped with this so much that my vet has given some of his other clients Lysine as a trial.

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