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    Annah Garner

    We rescued another kitten. Conrad. He was in a kill shelter and someone we know rescued some from there and needed homes for the babies. So we took one. He is very active. In my other chat I had asked if there was a way to get him to mind. He runs all night long I really think I need to get him on some kind of schedule. He sleeps most of the day but when we lay down at night it’s like he gets a burst of energy. I have been catching him and laying him next to me and rubbing his neck where he loves trying to show him it’s bed time is there any tricks on how to get him to sleep and also he scratches up our bathroom door at night. What can I do about that. I need some tips on him because he is an awesome cat and we love him already.



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    He is 11 weeks old, so he sleeps during the day. I take it that you work or are gone during the day? Play with him during the day if you are home. When you come home from work, you can play with him until he is worn out and ready to sleep at night.

    I don’t know what you mean by getting him to mind. You have a kitten/cat and they pretty much do what cats do–eat, sleep, play/catch/kill their toys, sleep again. They love cat trees, wand toys, kicker toys but no hands and feet when playing or they will think that hands and feet are to be swatted and bitten. You can acclimate your kitten to your lifestyle, but it doesn’t happen overnight. So calm down, realize you need to be patient, and your kitten will grow up to be calm and patient.

    I don’t know what you mean about him scratching on your bathroom door. Is he locked in the bathroom at night? Let him out and let him sleep with you. If he is keeping you awake at night wanting to play, just be consistent with him. Roll over and don’t play with him. He will finally get the message, especially if you play with him in the daytime, he will be ready to sleep at night.


    Annah Garner

    He sleeps with me but his litter box is in the bathroom. I leave the door open for him to come and go. He is just scratching the side of it . He slept better last night I tried to keep him playing during the day and it helped

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