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    Moonshadow 17 Nov 2000 – 24 April 2018

    Moonshadow aka HRH Shadz, Bubby, Bubbles, Blossom and Butterball.
    We have had 17 wonderful years with her, laughter and tears, mice in the house(all too often) and feathers on the door mat(occasionally).
    She has been a lap and bed warmer, a roaster of her belly in front of the fire and the inhabitant of leafy shady nooks in the garden during Summer.
    A little sister to Meegz and Airy and a third daughter to Mr MS and me.
    Her passing was peaceful at the same vets who knew her as a tiny rescue kitten before we adopted her from the SPCA.
    She is in a pretty casket lying on her favourite rain drying towel that we played bullfighters with. Ole !
    She also has her favourite toy mouse Scrag in her paws to play with in the Meadow.
    We will miss you sweetie, no more chin scritches or head bonks or being pushed out of our own bed.
    KaptiKats said Dara would greet her at the Meadow as would our other Meadow cats Whitefoots, Nicky and Monty, Smudge and Sharp.
    Bitter sweet tears and smiles here. 😥 🙂
    She will be buried on the property.
    Be calm my pounding heart, a mousetrap in another room just went off and scared the heck out of me. It is empty.
    Perhaps she is letting me know she has arrived at the Meadow and that mouse shenanigans have begun.



    I’ve had this feeling all day and so didn’t want to come to TDKland tonight. We know of your loss and it is as unique as you, MS/Mr. MS. My thoughts are with you. Thank you for sharing HRH with us.

    Miss Gaea sends warm fuzzies and told HRH (her heroine) that she will miss her antics too.

    All the kits are waiting for you, Moonshadow, have fun in the Meadow.



    Thank you PG, I sat here and smiled as I listened. Although we are without our beloved wee girl who was extremely well named I can feel happiness that her struggles are over.
    I love the timbre of Cat Stevens voice and that was perfect.
    I must ask the girls just how they came up with her name. I have forgotten over the years.
    Thank you Miss Gaea for the warm fuzzies, they are much appreciated.



    I came onsite to open the now so seemingly inappropriate Tuesday Café when I saw this sad news.

    I’m so very sorry for your loss MS. My Nicky as well as yours and all our furries who are at the Bridge have prepurred a welcome as befits a Princess – HRH. Take care and as you have supported other TDKers know that we are here for you. KJ



    KJ, not at all inappropriate my friend.
    Shadz loved a good teasing game and in my book that is cat humour – along with letting mice loose in the house.
    That pic is sooooooo close to looking like her.
    I adore looking at the stars and they will certainly have an added meaning for me now.



    I’m so sorry for you and Mr. MS. It was HRH through you who taught me what tortitude is.
    I bet all our friends at the Meadow are throwing a huge party…and they want to see that mousie she has!
    Sending comforting vibes.



    Trying to read through tears and not succeeding very well. My heart is broken for you. Shadz will see so many of my beloveds in the Meadow. And have no doubt that the mouse trap was indeed her way of letting you know that she is good and fine and that you WILL see each other again. Sending love to you across the world as that can reach you faster than anything. 😥



    Sigh, ’til we meet again…
    cats in meadow by rainbow bridge
    Please accept our condolences on Shadz HRH passing…
    Luv – Hugs ((MS))


    Jean & Kits xoxo



    I’m crying as I type! ….. HRH was one of Cuddles and Abby’s first friends over a decade ago when we came on this site …. I’m so very sorry, MS – Cuddles will greet her fellow queen, and all I can say is the Meadow better watch out for those two! …. My heart felt condolences ….. it’s never easy 😥


    So sorry Moonshadow has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


    KYKAT 12 23

    I’m so sorry about HRH Shadz. She was definitely a part of our little family. I’ll miss hearing of her adventures! Hugs and prayers. My Emma is up there at the meadow showing her the best spots!



    We just held HRH Shadz burial, Meegz and SIL came around and SIL brought a wooden cross he made. She is buried on our terrace where she used to romp and lie in the sun and where we can look out the door and see her final resting place.
    Her tins and bags of food have been split between daughters two cats and my neighbour, her final bequest.
    JJ, I bet there was one heck of a party in The Meadow and that Scrag was flying through the air all night.
    KZ, thank you for your comforting words. Yes we will all see each other again. The mouse trap incident was so random, never happened before that what else could it have been but HRH Shadz letting me know she had arrived at the Meadow. 🙂
    JK, our little angel surely got her wings now and is free to fly. Love that pic.
    AV, our two Meadow girls have heard so much about each other that it must have been like a meeting of two long parted friends in the Meadow.
    Thank you Crystal and Daisy Mae.
    Thank you KYKAT, Shadz was on TDK for a long time.
    Thank you all for your condolences. It was a difficult decision to make especially for Mr MS but we know it was the right thing to do for her.



    MS, I am so sorry to see this news. HRH Shadz has given you 17 years of love and the heartache will be deep. Cherish her memory. I am relatively new to DK and had assumed that HRH and Shadz were two different cats; apologies for that mistake.



    I’m so terribly sad that Moonshadow has passed away. When Renzo, who was even older, died, I had already made a euthanasia appointment as he had just stopped eating, but he died the evening before, in my office where he loved to sit in the sun.

    I hoe the fact that catlovers the world over are remembering her gives you some comfort.



    PM, we will all cherish her memory, she was so much one of the family.
    The confusion about the names is understandable, many of our kits have several names they are known by.
    Lagatta it is a comfort that cat lovers all over the world are remembering her. She was known via TDK and FB in many countries as are all our furkits which is a lovely thought.
    I keep looking out on the sunny balcony expecting to see her sprawled in the sun and then I have to take a breath as I remember.


    I didn’t know MoonShadow well or that long but she will be sadly missed. I wish comfort to her family. You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers.



    🙁 😥



    Thank you Crystal and Daisy Mae and Leeny.

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