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    While it’s very important to take care so as not to slip in the tub, kits might not be all that concerned as most of them loathe the very word “bath.”



    Crossover pic –

    this cat understands a good bathing experience





    Morning everyone! Yes, it’s important to be safe in the bath tub! For adults as well as children, I’m always preaching to Avery to not stand up in the tub without the mat. I don’t know why they make tubs out of material that is so dangerous when wet…any one of us can hurt ourselves in there….one wrong move and BAM! you are down before you know what happened. Kits, on the other hand can jump in and out with ease ๐Ÿ˜† when they need a drink or are escaping from the dreaded bubble bath!

    Warming up a bit today, with warmer temps coming up the rest of the week. JJ, are you getting the snow or is that farther north from you?



    Oooh, lots of angry kitties today! The argyle bath accessories are pretty neat, actually! The vet suggested letting Comet get some shower steam to help his stuffy nose. Thing is, I rarely bother closing the bathroom door, as a cat usually has to barge in!
    We’re into the double digits here in Jersey after an arctic night. It’s cloudy, with a few flakes falling, but no real snow since Saturday.



    Morning all! ….. I love baths, and in fact, frequently have a good soak in my jacucci!

    Abby is not too interested in water, but Cuddles loved to jump in the bathtub after someone used it, and would even lay down in a wet tub! LOL ….. miss the old Queen *sniff*

    A bright but cool day here, temps are headed upward this week, so back to our normal low 70s, which is fine by me ๐Ÿ™‚

    have a great Monday all!



    Well srsly freezing here folks! Was given the heads up when I called someone about my sore lower back which is in addition to the crud which seems to be slowly leaving me.

    -22C – not as bad as could be I guess if one is prepared. As in warm sturdy boots, down parka with faux fur trimmed hood, helmet style knit hat underneath, knit gloves and mitts over the gloves. That’s the Canadian way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’re tough! Supposedly warming up as week progresses.

    Dorry pulls himself up to full height and peers into the bath but has not ventured further. Nicky (RB) once fell into the tub and was very distressed. Until I dried him with a floofy towel.

    PM plan is to seam latest sweater, wash it and ideally wear it l8r in wk. So thankful for my drain/spin cycle which gets hand-washed knits ready for flat drying that takes like only a day or so. ๐Ÿ™‚ Else trying to wring out knits, well soaking wet they way a ton – very not fun.



    Oh, baffs! Miss Gaea is the only one who had a bath and that’s because she got to close to skunk. She didn’t get the full blast but it was enough. Trust me…

    now this is LilBit!

    It’s a balmy 60f/15c in Denver. We have a lot of wind bringing in the warm currents so all the snow is melting. Alas, the wind torn open a hole in my portable storage thing so I spent all morning taking stuff out and putting it in the attic. I got the thing so I wouldn’t have to climb up to the attic. *sigh*

    I’m glad you finished your sweater, KJ. You’re so creative. I want a Argyle Cat sweater too!

    Miss Gaea loves being outside but the wind offends her. ๐Ÿ™„

    It’s so nice, I opened the door to the Catio. Miss Moppet was out supervising me.

    Not much else happening-Have a happy~




    Good morning all. Or is it? My morning paper was a no show, printing problems and then my milk had gone off before it’s best by date too. I wonder what the third thing will be.
    It’s an overcast but quite warm morning here, the wind seems to have calmed down somewhat, we may see some light rain which would be wonderful as things are so dry here and vegetation fires are happening even in the city now.
    I agree KZ, why must baths be made of such slippery materials and even worse when soap is added to the equation. I make sure Mum is using the nonslip mat while she is showering as we don’t need her slipping with one ankle already broken.
    Oh JJ, a few flakes falling. Seems so magical to me. Good luck keeping Comet in the bathroom with you while showering. We all know that cats must know what is on the other side of a closed door – right now. Admittedly a steamy room may well help him so do give it a try.
    AV, I had to laugh at the image of Cuddles lying down in the wet bath as it drained. I would love to be able to soak in the bath but with my knees I would be stranded there, it’s showers for me. Your temps are just a little lower than ours are at the moment although we have been up as far as 79F this week and wouldn’t want to go any higher.
    KJ, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I have no idea how normal life can go on in temps like that. Guess I am spoiled living in a sub tropical zone where we get to just below freezing on a bad Winter’s day. I guess in those very low temps the crud can feel a whole lot worse than it would here.Maybe a good steaming in the bathroom will help ease or loosen the congestion. You and JJ’s Comet have a lot in common. Can you move freely when dressed suitably for outdoor forays? Yes your washer purchase was spot on for you and your sweaters.
    PG, love the wee kit and the ducky toys. Woohoo 15C, that surprises me but then I saw you explain the warm winds. Darned wind ruining your planning to avoid the attic.
    Oh dear, our strong winds are still here, they were just lulling my and not blowing for a while. Meegz and I picked the rest of Mum’s plum tree lastnight with Mr Meegz & his cunning idea of a ‘sock’ hung under the plucker we were using plums fall in to the ‘sock’ and you empty when full. Much faster and less bruising. Now what is Mum going to do with all those many pounds of plums I wonder. I will take some for stewing and freezing to be made into sauce during the cooler months.



    Paw up with pm waves…it’s grey and damp today but tad warmer -finally made it to the 20+s!

    Spotted on today’s li’l lunchtime walk:
    ground cover is still green amidst leaves
    Still green amidst leaves ๐Ÿ˜€

    Neat sign spotted on FB: Truism ๐Ÿ™‚
    guests vs cats

    OK, back to part 2 day 1!
    Busy this week plus officemate is starting vaca on Weds so I will be
    solo for rest of this week and all next week…fun – fun/NOT…back on the flip/hopeful!



    Hello ALL!!! I don’t get on here to post often, but hold you all close to my heart! Thank you for the lovely Christmas cards! Always love getting them! We did not get any of the snow that hit the south and also went into NJ. My sister calls on Sat. night asking how I made out with ALL the snow! LOL I said, “What snow?” Looked out on my deck… not a flake. She got 2.5″ one day and two days later got another 3″. We do have the COLD though! It was 7 here yesterday morning. I am SO tired of the cold and freezing all the time! The cats and I could just spend all our time cuddled up in my cozy bed!
    I have been busy watching the PA FARM SHOW since it started on Sat. Got to watch the 6 horse hitch, 4 horse hitch, unicorn hitch, etc. and also the youth hitches. It’s my favorite part of the show. Got to watch it 3 times. I am really getting to know the driver’s names and farm names of the participants after 3 years of watching it. I have never been there in person though. Looking forward to the Tractor Square Dance next!!
    Hope you all stay warm and have a wonderful week! Sending hugs to all!!



    Hey BB, glad that you stopped by! Tractor Square Dance??? Wow! The images going through my mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My sweater is having a nice bath in some stuff called Soak – no rinsing req’d – awesome product for handknits, sweaters and delicates, costlier than reg detergent, but one uses such a tiny amt, well worth it!

    Crud abating as hours pass by. Achy back of yest/today has eased up greatly – Admittedly I am fortunate that my physio and I touch base 1x/wk, so I can consult on anything going on and if she thought that I needed to be seen, I’d get appt. She is very exp and cautious, and understands my stuff. One thing she advised that I think anyone can benefit from is that one should stand up and move around a bit after 20 mins or so of sitting in one place, ie at ‘puter or lost in knitting-land.

    I assume that it’s no secret that I live with a surfeit of purrsonal stress. Which I leave at the Cafรฉ door aside from mentioning when it gets overwhelming as it can affect my posting style.

    PG, we’re getting some weird weather in Montreal due to what news maintains is “Colorado Effect.” So what are you getting in the actual State? Here it’s going to be srs winds, yet temps rising to well nigh Spring-like over next few. Hmmm …

    BTW, in way home walked by some kids enjoying a shared celebration “Colorado Style.” One spliff for four kids. I took a deep breath – no luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰



    I don’t usually listen to radio news, but good plan when seaming sweaters. OK, so idea has been proposed of “shaming” drunk drivers. And then forgiving them. Hello? Why not srs penalty and taking away their license?

    Now if they directly ask for forgiveness diff thing.

    In ’99 I was hit by 17-yr old girl who gave police her info then took off home. Princess got points deleted from license and prob ins raise for Daddy to pay. KJ got knee surgery (after waiting a week in hptl) broken collarbone (which cannot be repaired surgically.) Also concussion which could have left me with impaired short-term memory and had I landed slightly differently GP told me that I could have been paraplegic. Thank G-d after some months off work and srs physio I was OK. Actually straight back to advanced workouts. That’s not my point.

    Got some ultimately non-compensatory monetary recompense from gov’t org. We have “no fault insurance here.” ๐Ÿ‘ฟ Now in US lawyer told me we could have gone lawsuit and taken their mansion, etc. and an awesome amt of cash. I did write to Daddy telling him that he has raised his child to care about no one, and to princess (lawyer read letters 1st, you know what I’m like LOL.) Which got me rude phone call from Daddy and after too much time paltry donation to one of my charities.

    Thankfully absolutely no recall of car hitting me, woke up in ambulance at accident scene. Princess had given her info to police and then left scene while I was still out.

    Oh and when I spoke to police officer (a woman, which surprised me) in that she had more sympathy for 17-yr old than for me. Spoke with her supervisor and got her a nice reprimand.

    OK, off soapbox now but grrr!!!

    BTW, this is fun. Guy I’m doing project with sent congrats for a way speedy translation as in “urgent,” referring to me as “girl,” methinks he meant grrrl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Now off to de-stress by re-connecting with my faux Fisherman’s Rib knit sweater construction. Meaning that just a few inches of body/sleeve hem are done in that way complicated stitch. The genuine Celtic article is laden with cables, and Knitting Circle store mgr agreed that my adapt is good plan as I’d be be swamped by so much patterning and would not be a good look on me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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