Monday – 8/1/2018 – Enjoy the Delights of Bubble Bath Day!

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    Today is a fun day to relax an enjoy the warm and soothing pleasures of a bubble bath. For hoomans it’s a soothing pleasure, for kits purrhaps not so much!



    Love Pegasus 😀
    I’m not a bath kinda girl. Maybe I would be if I had this bathtub:

    There’s not much happening today. I have an appointment that I’d rather skip. *sigh*

    Have a happy~




    This reminds me of the scene from Shanghai Noon where Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are blowing bubbles while in the bath.


    Looks like HRH will be spending the night outside as she refuses to come in. I don’t blame her as it’s so wonderfully cool outside.
    It’s been years since I had a bubble bath, no way now as my legs wouldn’t enable me to get out of the bath. Sigh



    PG, by rights you should have that claw-footed or paw-footed bathtub. Hope that your not-looked forward to appt goes OK. Same deal for me tomorrow, my stressor appt. *Sigh*

    Stomach thing is at least not bacterial, prob viral so no anti-biotics, time will help and thank goodness easing up.

    I used to take bubble baths, but my skin is too sensitive so I stick with my Epsom salts/lavender DIY mix or non-fragrance bath oil. I have a separate glassed in shower and there it’s simply body wash/scrubbie thingie. Plus with bubble baths took ages for the bubbles to drain!

    But it’s cute seeing the kitties all bubbly. Love “Dirty Joke” and that big stripey kit in the kiddy (kitty?) pool gif.
    MS, who’s that spikey guy in 3rd pic? Some sort of porcupine or hedgehog?

    Supposed to be way warmer to day, relative to -34C. I wil know for sure when I exit for the outdoors. L8R



    Oh yeah, way warmer, like 40 degrees warmer. Above freezing. I even have a couple of windows cracked for the moisture to my poor dried out nose. 😳

    I have to make myself work on my farm books today. Avery was supposed to start preschool today, but is home with Mommy because she has a little virus and running a low grade fever. Schools here are closed also since the weather sucks monkey toes so it’s a good day to be at home.

    I may try making soup again this afternoon, another excuse to put my bookwork off just a little more. Oh how I hate bookwork!



    Paw up – waves…hee hee happy Monday…fun with bubbles/kits!

    Hey, it’s finally warming up – in the 30’s next several days – woo hoo 😀

    It’s Time for some Fun to start the week!

    Kiki-like kit w/hoomin…yay, she did show up Sat/Sun – tried to bring her inside my vestibule -but got away…again…Nope, not yet Meowmy! 😉
    waiting for service
    Waiting for my order…timez for nomz!

    tuxie cuppa sit cafe
    Wow, thanks Tux…service with a purr… 🙂

    OK – back to part 1 day 1s fun…later/hopeful



    I’ve been to the café in the last photo! A cat immersion! (also in English).

    Years ago I did have an old clawfoot tub, and I did take bubble baths, but I find the shower far more practical, and yes, bubble bath soap does dry my skin now.

    As for the tigers, is that soap or ice? Looks more like ice, which would make them most likely Siberian tigers stuck in too warm a climate. They certainly look happy, if not, their human servant has a death wish.



    Hee hee…so, Boss brought in his li’l 3 year old for few hours cause family is sick – he had to finish something up while she visited with us! 😉
    Had a project to do as “connect-the-dots” as “werk” 😀

    connect the dots

    Soon…lunchtime after all challenging fun…
    It’s a Monday…soon time for break as lunctime for moi too…



    Hi all – it’s been ages since I had a bubble bath, much less soaked in the tub. Before the house reno, the bathtub was in the middle of the small bathroom. Nice setting, for I could soak in the tub while watching the snow fall on the skylight and outside the octagon window. A glass of wine and a candle added a nice touch as. It’s a clawfoot tub and though we still have it, it has been moved to the wall and mostly accommodates grey water from the washing machine it was moved to make way for.

    It’s warmed up here as well, solidly in the double-digits! Today I was finally able to get outside and change the water in the heated bowl, the past few days I’ve just been adding water. So happy to be out of the dangerous temps and winds, and very happy to see all of my furry charges. Having freezing rain now and expecting snow later.

    Having computer issues, oh joy. I’m cautiously optimistic that the fan was dusty, as it’s working far better than yesterday, when it wouldn’t even get to the startup screen.



    Sorry about your ‘puter probs JJ – what a a hassle!

    Here I’m trying to explain to my de facto landlord that entryway fixture cannot be installed as centre pole does not meet the screw-in pces. Sent pics and all – you’d think he’d get it! Not a biggie but still.

    Lagatta, so you visited one of our 2 cat cafés! Kewel! I visited the one close by on St-Denis – Café des Chats, spent a pleasant pm and took like 53 pics! Amazing how being in the same n’hood both cafés can get customers and thus provide really nice hoes for the kits – all of whom come from shelters! 🙂

    Snowstorm outside but way warmer! Walking was fine, driving not but I don’t feel a single iota of pity for drivers, so long as they stay out of my way. 😉

    Off to do arts and crafts project. Found some neat kit shaped wooden pencil or eye makeup brushes or whatever holders. I plan to paint one up to look like Dorry. The other I’m attempting to do in callie colours as gift for someone I’ll see at tomorrow’s appt. She has a callie named Loulou! Painting not being my strong suit, might come out looking a bit surrealist, but IMHO it’s the thought that counts!



    Good afternoon all, it’s another hot day here, supposed to reach 28C(82F) and we are nearing mid afternoon. I have doors and windows open and the fan going and am comfortable. HRH is somewhere outside in a cool shady spot. She was waiting at the door for us this morning with a smile on her face and came in and ate a hearty breakfast.
    PG hope that appointment went well.
    KJ, great that you have eliminated bacterial as the cause of your tummy woes even if there is no specific treatment. Yes KJ, that is a hedgehog enjoying a bubble bath too. Just thinking about -34C has my teeth on edge. Actually I can’t even imagine it as I’ve never experienced anything lower than about -5C at the most.
    Wwoohoo KZ, warmer is good, above freezing is my kind of Winter. Uh bookwork, we really need to do ours too but Mr MS is so busy working we can’t get to them. Poor wee Avery, hope she’s feeling better soon.
    JK, glad that Kiki has shown up. Trying to get a reluctant cat indoors is virtually impossible even with food bribes.
    Hi Lagatta, those old clawfoot tubs are great, my grandparents had one and my cousin and I used to share it as young children. We could never fill it up though as the house was only on tank/rain water.
    JK, I have a ‘connect the dots’ book for adults and it’s really restful doing them.
    JJ, practicality over romance as far as the tub. The memories are great though. Glad it has warmed up in your area too, the JJ crew will appreciate it too. Ugh computer issues.
    KJ, glad that the weather was easier to negotiate for you and you kept your feet. Your craft project sounds great.



    Doesn’t KZ like the kittens with their tail straight up?



    oH MY, the Nat’l champ game is UGA and the TIDE! …. so conflicted for me! … AU grad , so Bama is NO!, but so is UGA! …. have more fam in GA, so I have to go with them! 20 to 7 right now, in GA fav 🙂

    hope everyone is staying warm, it’s mellowed considerably here, nice and mild!



    OMG ! COA WARNING for PG’s vid.

    Was AV’s post in code?



    LOL MS about AV’s post! She’s talking about a football game between Alabama and Georgia I believe!

    OMG PG, the video of the kitten with the bottle is adorable! YES, I love how cats come running with their tails straight up. Which brings back the story of someone telling me (a dog person) that you can’t call cats, because they won’t come to you. So, I took him out on the porch (when I had a lot of strays I was feeding) and hollered CATS! and they came from every direction with their tails straight up, and all meowing at me to feed them. He was shocked and never baited me again with that ridiculous myth. 😛



    AV is an Auburn alumna and the game is between Alabama and Georgia. Auburn is one Alabama college team, ‘Bama’ is the other team and are furever enemies. 😀

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