Monday 6/11/2017 – It’s Saxophone Day – Purrfect for all Hepcats

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    The Saxophone was invented around 1840 by Adolphe Sax, a Belgian musical instrument maker. This classical woodwind instrument is essential in jazz bands, symphonic bands, marching bands and more. It’s only fitting that this great instrument has a day of recognition all to its own.



    Paw up waves…it’s MOanday ~ time for Yakkity Sax:
    Benniy Hill Version

    Bit Sexist yet still Benny Hill Humor from awhile ago!

    OK, time for cuppa fave brew…
    sax mug
    …will play for donuts- and I don’t even know how to play one 😉
    accordion cat
    How about the accordion instead! 🙂



    I’m late to the cafe today, but still the first one here!!

    Willow had a bad evening, when I finally called the ER number and thank God, a vet on call called me back. I gave him the Prazosin (which is a dilator) and got him calmed down, but after several hours, he was back to pacing and going in and out of all the litterboxes one after the other. I was just about frantic, and doc texted me to go ahead and give him more of the dilator and come down first thing this morning. He is at the vet now–I am anxious to hear about him. They hopefully will check for crystals, stones, etc. and find out the problem and what we are to do about it. My poor gentle giant.



    I feel bad for Willow and for you, having to wait for diagnosis. For him, it must be frightening not knowing what is going on and being away from his familiar surroundings. But for now he is in the optimal place at the vets, where hopefully he will be healed.

    JK, IMHO any kit who can play any instrument merits a donut! 😉



    Hi all – my dad was a sax player in New Jersey’s oldest active marching band.

    Sending tons and tons of good vibes for Willow. May he get some relief so mama can feel better too.

    AV, I heard son completed the NYC marathon – conCATs!

    It was supposed to be a rainy day, but most of KZ’s rain is going more north than east. I was glad it didn’t rain this morning, as I had an appointment to get to and not sure exactly where the office was.

    I’ve got a spice cake with apples brewing in the slow cooker, yum!



    Ahh, Sweet Willow-I hope you’re feeling better soon. Mommy misses you and won’t sleep until you’re safe at home. Much healing light to you.

    I don’t know anyone who plays the sax. That’s cool your dad was in a marching band. Thanks for telling me about your cake-now I want one.

    Go ahead-tell me you’ve never done this!!



    Eve all! Yep, Son finished the marathon, so proud, but he’s so sore!
    Hope Willow continues to improve!

    My brother actually plays the sax (which makes him an awesome shafar blower) …. he is a good instructer for me to learn to blow the one Son brought me from Israel …

    Mr.AV’s bday is Sat. I need to figure out somewhere nice to take him …. maybe on the ocean, or maybe somewhere he’s not expecting 😉



    I’ve done that PG! 😉 But I haven’t made an apple spice cake!

    Neat about your Dad, JJ. There’s a grrrl in Knitting Circle who plays 2nd trombone in our renowned orchestra. Recently they performed at Carnegie Hall. She says that it’s not often that this instrument is played by the fairer sex. I’d like to play the triangle, LOL. The deal is that one has to play all the percussions and those drums are like 4x my size!!!

    “The best laid plans of mice and men” … and KJ. *Sigh* Meant to be in bed by now but got too immersed in my knitting! Finished the body part of dress and the neckline is giving me grief. Had to untake it 2x so far but I think that I’m back on track. For sure it can and must wait until tomorrow. Then I just have to knit the sleeves which are way easy and put the thing together, which is a joy.

    Plans are gym, haircut, kitchen drawers … and knitting.

    MS how is Airy’s lodger kit or however you describe him, B?

    KZ hope that you bring us good news about Willow’s situation.



    I couldn’t help myself, just had to post this pic.

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