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    Every pet deserves it’s day. Mutts as goggies and moggies as kits. We won’t see them strutting around any shows trying to prove that they are the best. ‘Cause we already know that they are!





    Night all
    See you on the flip side.



    Good morning – dogs are fine, as long as they don’t jump on me or slobber on me or bark so much I can’t hear the person standing right next to me talking. I’ve gotten to know several dogs here in Shady Lake from my walks.

    KJ, I sure hope you don’t have another threepeat like yesterday’s nonsense.

    Sending more good vibes to KK’s Dara. And here’s hoping HRH continues to eat her beef hidden rabbit, or is it the other way around?

    Looking like a beautiful day here in Jersey. I watched a live video of the sunrise over the Atlantic down the shore. Sure was pretty, and reminds me of the many I’ve seen while down there over the years. I was even facing east, comfortably laying in bed watching the sun come up over the ocean while the skies brightened outside my window.

    Sit Ubu sit. Good dog.



    Neighbors across the street are taking a long weekend down the shore at Island Beach State Park. (Yep, that beach, with the photo of our governor on a beach closed to the public seen round the world.) It’s my favorite beach in Jersey, and has lots of room for their beagle mix to run and play, while they camp and fish and drive on the sand.



    Haha, pics today are so cute and funny!! I must have missed some postings yesterday and will have to go back and read them. I am having a really hard time posting, or clicking on threads–it sometimes takes almost a full minute between clicking or posting to get it to come up. Am I the only one with this problem? Maybe it’s my computer? But all my devices are having the same problem…maybe it’s my server?

    I have a dog–he’s an outside farm dog. Sweet disposition, hardly ever barks unless he hears raccoons fighting in the barn. Delivery people try to give him biscuits but he won’t take them, just puts his head down and looks up like he’s being yelled at… 🙄 I don’t like dogs that jump on me either, slobber on me, bark at me..I’ve had my share of charging dogs when riding my bike or walking. I love dogs, but my heart and soul is cat. 😀



    Paw up waves on Mutts Day:

    Special Rags to Riches Cat from today’s Yahoo:

    Orangie Hamlet the cat
    Hamlet – Special Orangie…soon to become a very famous Furry/Purry 🙂

    My Special Share/Reminder On Mutts Day…direct from Mutts themselves!
    Mutts Reminder - Adopt Don't Shop
    Mutts on furry/purry mutts…Adopt Don’t Shop! 🙂

    Beautiful Monday in Brewtown…low 80s and sunny as July 2017 comes to end!

    Ok, time for another cuppa fave brew and back to day 1 part 2’s fun as End of Month fun is here…later/maybe!

    Hamlet is the 12th Algonquin cat and its first male mascot in more than 40 years. He is replacing current beloved kitty Matilda III, a regal long-haired ragdoll, who is retiring after seven years of service. For the past few weeks, Hamlet’s been hiding upstairs, away from the public, but he’ll make his debut on Thursday evening at the hotel’s annual Cat Fashion Show, which raises money for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.



    Cute photos today! …. it has rained for 3 days straight here …. lucky Caddy has her protected cat tree on the porch ….. hasn’t bothered her!
    I don’t hate dogs, but I’m not a fan ….. too licky … can’t stand it when they try to jump on me or lick my toes ….

    Running out now to fee sis’s big orange cause they’re on vaca …. L8R all!



    Dog are OK but I’m not a dog person. I believe it’s the slobber, jumping and barking that gets me. Esp. the slobber. ewww

    I’m loving the cheesy Shark films on SyFy. It’s leading up to SHARKNADO 5 on Sunday. Woohoo!

    Have a happy~



    Hamlet is a handsome OT! Concats to him and the Algonquin Hotel.

    I’m having the same problem KZ. Not sure what’s happening because it’s on my devices too.



    I only had probs on TDK, then again my only other device is my cell, which does not have any advanced features. Anyhow I PMd KM when I couldn’t post img’s the other day, he told me why and now prob seems fixed, had to do with the site. One can always PM him.

    The Algonguin Hotel! Neat! Was gathering place from 1919 to 1929 for literary group known as the “Round Table” AKA “The Vicious Circle” – wits who met daily for lunch and I assume lots o’ drinking! Included Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, Alexander Woollcott et al. I made a point of going to the hotel when I visited NYC.

    This am went down to locker room in garage. Yet again the trash bins were filled to overflowing by some 100% jerk(s)! Seems that said perps pay no heed to e-mail reminders on proper garbage disposal! This time I took a pic and sent to condo admin, my de facto landlord and bldg mgmt co. So not my responsibility. In this hot weather well, it could be an open invite to rats!!!!!!!
    MS, I might need HRH to give Dorry rat-catching lessons. I so hope not! 😮

    I’m not a dog purrson either as cat purrson through and through. Dogs tend to want to jump and then they do slobber and then get me (or my clothes!) wet. And some breeds are big enough to take me down! Although the wee breeds can get nasty! I do like the look of some dogs though, esp. Labs, Huskies, the elegant rescued greyhounds in my n’hood, smaller Italian greyhounds and the super slender even more elegant whippets. But no doggies in my future.

    Busy-ish day. Thank goodness Nadine was here to save me from myself as I had it in mind to replace a purrfectly good street find dresser which I’d done a lot of work on including a srs paint job with another one. Could not get anyone to do pick-up, one guy clearly doesn’t want business as never even called me back and was asking $50. Nadine outright told me that I don’t need it. End of story.

    A genuine steam bath outside, but indoors there’s the A/C. 🙂

    PG, I’m watching a 3-part mini-series on PBS that you might find interesting. A sorta ghost story with Michael Palin called “Remember Me.” Set in current times and very creepy.

    Read something that I found might bode well for peeps wanting jobs, who are not 20-something. *Sigh* Unrelated to my life totally, and I’m not looking for any work ‘cept freelance, but the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) has just hired a new private secretary. The woman is eminently qualified and – in her late 50s! 🙂



    I have to watch it streaming because “Remember Me” isn’t available on PBS. I’m not willing to pay extra to get BBCINTL.

    O yea-thanks for the heads up on the job.




    In my neighbourhood we had an out and out tropical storm: hot, muggy, dark clouds gathering, humidity turning into showers and then very heavy rain. People cycling home from work (on my street’s bicycle lanes) were perplexed. It wasn’t unpleasant per se as the rain was like a tepid bath shower, but it reduced visibility and breaking.

    I went to the Jean-Talon Market, bought an organic chard (Swiss Chard, bette à carde, bietola, acelga) for $1 and have blanched greens and stems. With some goat ricotta I have, that could make a popular empanada but I’d prefer a recipe with fewer carbs… but something nice for summer heat.

    Mutts rule, be they canine, feline or human. Ptooey to notions of “purity of line”. Some people tell me that Livia looks like a Bombay (and she does) but I’m fairly sure that she is at least in the most part a very small mutt.



    Lagatta, same T-storm in my n’hood. Watched it from the dry, cool indoors. But peeps must have gotten soaked through. When sun came out through rain I hoped for a rainbow. But nope!

    Dorry is a mix of who knows what. But the peachy section on his stripey grey tummy (begging for unwanted snorgles!) tells us that at least one of his Dad’s was an orangie, as his Mom shares his coat colour!



    I wouldn’t have wanted all the doors closed. Obviously I had to shut the front door onto the balcony as the wind changed but there is an overhang on the back balcony so I could leave that door and window open for the nice cooling rain.

    In summer, it is not evident to get the same storms, as the weather systems are much smaller. A friend living in Mile-End (western Plateau) a bit south of me doesn’t get the same weather always. And we are on opposite sides of our so-called mountain.



    It’s silly when people are so determined to find out “what breed their pet is (mostly dogs).” The majority of pets come off the streets and end up in the shelters and don’t have any pedigree (that can be traced). But what they have is love and that’s what is important.



    I so agree, PG!

    Went to a cat fancy show once – could have made way better use of my time.

    Now Dorry is a DSH – domestic short hair (in UK they’re known as moggies) – but he is a breed unto himself hehehe!



    Of course, Dorian Gray is breed onto himself-not many kits have Esq. after their names.

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