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    Mischief Night is today, as tonight! Harmless (ideally) and innocent (somewhat) mischief abounds. And then we can have a taffy pull and bob for apples!

    Historically, some common forms of mischief on this Special Day/Night have included:

    Soaping windows
    Egging houses and cars
    Tossing a few rotten tomatoes
    Toilet papering house trees, etc.
    Knocking on doors, then running away



    We had wonderful weather today, not a drop of rain. I went out and bought more plants, courgette, cucumber, cherry tomato and several paprika pepper plants for my homemade smoked paprika.
    HRH was lurking around the property and leaped put of a hiding spot and gave me quite a fright. Mischievous wee minx. She is now curled up on the footstool after spending the evening asleep on Daddies lap.
    Any trick or treaters that come knocking at my door will be disappointed. I don’t do Halloween, mainly because it’s only new here as a ‘thing’.
    Night all



    They’d be disappointed here too MS. Halloween is not my holiday. Plus my bldg is locked from the entry so that only residents can get in, unless they ring someone’s buzzer.

    But homes in my n’hood are all decorated to look like the cover of a Stephen King novel or a Wes Craven film poster! Guess a few streets away kids will be trick or treatin’.



    Peeps have been trick or treating here and in neighboring counties for days..with the last beggar’s night being Tuesday! We don’t have any here because we are in the country and it’s not feasible or fun for kids to have to be driven to the houses for candy and treats.

    I thought that Mr.KZ would clean the chimney this weekend as it has been cold…I would love a small fire in the wood stove but will not start one until all is safe and clean. Cold and rainy here again today, but it actually feels good on your face!

    Well, I have yet another cat–a small kitten that looks to be around 3 months old–for me to care for. Of course Harvest is pregnant, so it looks like I will be taking a batch of cats to the animal welfare league for spay and neuter in the near future. I have lots of words for people who pass on their meanness to pets for someone else to care for, but it is very unfluffy and I’m sure you wouldn’t like me anymore if I started ranting.

    Off to see what Avery wants for breakfast and another cup of coffee for me!



    Hee hee…Luv attack cat on li’l kiddo 😀
    Rise ‘n’ Shine it’s Moanday!!
    Monday Skeleton
    So…fill it up Tux, thanks…
    annoying mug
    😉 Sneaks out of café…later/hopeful!



    Good morning – cats and mischief go hand in hand, don’t they? Comet hopes I’ll leave toilet paper or paper towels out so he can “tp” the house!

    Ok KZ, I understand where you are coming from. For years, cats were ‘dumped’ around here, often pregnant. Only the past few years has it gotten under control. I’m so thankful my gang is spayed/neutered.

    It sure was a stormy day and night here, with the last of the heavy rain moving out a few hours ago. It is still quite windy but at least I can get out to take care of the outdoor gang. Dewey went out for a few minutes, then decided to be an indoor kitty again!



    KZ, I think that I speak for all TDKers when I say that there is nothing that you could do to make us not like you anymore. So if you wish rant away!

    I wish that there was some sort of special award for caring peeps like you and JK and JJ and efurryone who takes in/looks after ferals. *Sigh*

    Well it is beyond windy today!!! I actually got frightened as I was crossing the street and could literally feel the wind pushing me to where I was losing control!

    My day went sorta weird. N was supposed to come and clean but she is not feeling gr8 so I did a bit of cleaning until she comes next week. Talked myself out of going to pick up 2 bags of litter in this wind. 66 lbs and even with sturdy shopping cart, a bad plan and purrhaps weather will be better Wed and I can go and try to manage getting the bags in, N often helps me. Plus my new micro arrived, wow Purolator is fast! Fortunately I was home. It is staying in my place until N is here to help me get it stored in locker room. Efurry so often common sense kicks in.

    Plus stressed out srsly. Appt tomorrow, the one that has me angst-ridden and there is nothing for it except to get through. Will aim for early-ish bedtime as getting up quite early for DIY spin class before, i.e. at 7 am. Working out does siphon off some tension and today I enjoyed using the assault bike after reg workout.

    Also finished last part of the season’s major project. Could be all the paid work for this and next year, but so? It came at a good time as bills will soon come in for new ‘puter/printer etc. I needn’t worry at all, but earning $$$ is always a good thing. Plus if I earn more I can write off more as expenses according to acct. If one’s supplies, etc. are a higher cost than one’s earnings, one can get questioned/audited which would be very not fun! 😮

    So off I go to try and see if knitting will help me chill. I can actually hear the wind pounding – with windows closed! But happy that power didn’t quit as happened in other n’hoods.



    Thank you JJ and KJ for understanding my anger and my rant. These cats are so loving and the newest one (whom Avery and I have named Gilbert) is the sweetest little guy. How can you love and care for them and throw them into the country not knowing what will happen? It hurts me, then my hurt turns to anger–I know I have a huge task ahead of me…AGAIN. I just cannot turn my back on them and will do what I have to to give them good, healthy lives.

    TDK is the best place in the world and I thank you for being such wonderful peeps!!



    Afternoon all. I saw the funniest thing this morning while I was at the gym. I was gazing out the window and my eye was caught by a tall skinny figure crossing several lanes of a very busy road, J walking too. He(I am assuming it was a male by the walk)was wearing a floor length black gown with full hood pulled well down over the head and carrying a full size scythe ! ! Even funnier was the reaction of a man waiting at the bus stop, he watched the Grim reaper every step of the way across the road and then swivelled to watch him disappear in to the mall. I wonder if he even blinked. LOL
    KJ, I will just have to lay low and be quiet and let the kids knock.
    KZ, I hope your chimney gets cleaned soon so you can have that all important first fire of the season. We get ours done professionally so that we are covered by insurance should anything happen. My brother hadn’t had his chimney cleaned for a bit and it got a blockage and filled the house with smoke, fire engine arrived and the day or rather evening was saved. Chimney sweep made a visit the next day.
    Oh a pox on people who discard and abandon their cats and kittens. 😡 😡
    Yikes KJ, that is strong wind if it was beginning to blow you away. The cat litter bags would help keep your feet on the ground but wind would make lugging them more difficult. Positive Vibes for tomorrows appointment KJ.
    We have a sunny day but with quite a strong wind. Gardening is on hold as the wind will damage any seedlings I plant out. I have six pots of soil encased in large plastic bags warming the soil for planting peppers and tomatoes. HRH has found a sunny yet sheltered spot outside and is sleeping out there.



    I guess you never know what you’ll see on Halloween! Or, do you think, *gulp* it could have been the real grim reaper? Bwhahaha…

    Just went outside to check on the outdoor crew and there’s an owl hooting close by. No rodent is safe on this moonlit night…



    Well MS, it doesn’t take much to blow me away! Being as I am very “spritely” (PG, I have added that self-description to my repertoire LOL – Tks!) 😉 😮 In fact some years ago at “that place” colleague had to hold on to me tightly so that my feet remained on terra firma as we walked to subway. All the while reminding me that he was a “married man.” All in jest as I also knew his wife.

    And tks for positive vibes!

    Dorry decided to get mischievous today. No harm done but admittedly I was vexed. And he responded to some unfluffy remarks with “the look”. I think purrhaps I am forgiven. 😐

    Finished complicated section of knit dress ergo that late hour. But I wanted to get to the point (19″) where I now have 4″ of easy patterning. Done!

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