Monday 27/11/2017 – It's Sleep Comfort Month – COA! – COA! – COA!

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    Best to have our airbags nearby ’cause there’s nothing quite like a sleeping kitty to make the “Awww” factor go into overdrive.



    Comfort is such a personal thing as the above kits demonstrate. What may look awkward and uncomfortable to us could be bliss to a kit.
    As for comfort, I don’t think I will be experiencing it tonight as I had a tooth out, one that had an old root canal that decided to fall apart. I am feeling quite uncomfortable.
    Catch you all tomorrow maybe.



    Oh no MS! I’m so sorry you lost your tooth and it is paining you now. There is nothing worse than pain at night, for some reason darkness seems to amplify it. I’m sending white light to you and swirls of good vibes to lessen your pain and get rid of it altogether.

    The pics of the kits does make you wonder how they could be comfortable. I just wish my back would be pliable like that, even some of my other bones and be comfortable all rolled up like that. Ah well, it is what it is.

    Another beautiful November day here. I’m looking forward to getting out in it today. Time to hit the shower while Avery is sleeping. She will be awake soon enough!



    Paw up – waves ~ Happy MOanday!
    Furry/purr fun pics…
    Adding my 2.5 cents!
    cat sleep lol
    Hee hee…gotta luv those orangies!

    coffee save animals sleep
    Yup ~ my plan when retired…still have some work years ahead tho!

    Tuxie Monday
    😉 Thanks for the Monday ‘tude Tux…Later/Hopeful



    MS, not more dental stuff! I hope that you have some meds to dull the pain so that you can get some sleep and that you recover quickly.



    Hi all – it is amazing how cats can be comfy in some of their positions.

    Sending comforting vibes, MS. Feel better soon.

    Finally remembered to take the nighttime cold meds I found in the closet last night. Slept in but still got a walk in this morning. It’s a beautiful November day here in Jersey!



    I’m sorry you’re having dental problems. 🙁 Tell the Dentist to get it right or the kits are coming after him.

    I would be asking the wee kit if I could sleep in the big bed with it.

    COA * COA * COA

    I wish I could sleep like a kitten. Lately, I haven’t been sleeping well at all. Waa




    PG, I’m sure that the wee kit would be honoured to share the big bed with you! 😉

    Well I think that I’m done with Cyber Monday – or rather it’s done with me. Bought me cozy flannel long nightshirt for wearing around the place at 40% off.

    And just now went to Animal Rescue Site and bought me a piece of kit-themed birthstone jewellery (in my case pink stones) It’s a bracelet, but N is going to transform it into a necklace which we feel will look much better, and I have extra silver chains in my stash. Plus when one shops onsite, in this case one donates 35 bowls of food to needy furries!



    ms, that is horrible and I hope at least you can get some rest. I had a UTI that had me out of things for quite a while (in large part due to very bad reactions to all antibiotics) and still need a lot of sleep. I also have very fragile teeth, which is why I have to avoid sugar.

    At least I’m generally in good health.

    There are few things more comforting than sleeping with a cat or kitten. Even during Renzo’s last days, he slept with me and purred; I held him for hours.

    Livia is a doll, but she is also an exterminatrice. A wasp sprang to life with my heating on, and while I was assured that the poor thing would soon die, I was uneasy. Today Livia killed it, and once it was dead, she lost interest – didn’t try to eat it or anything.



    That’s why I like the Animal Rescue Site, we both benefit. 😀

    I’m glad Livia didn’t get stung as I’ve had two cats get stung. I’m not sure what the laws are in Canada but we can administer 12.5 mg diphenhydramine for an allergic reaction to the sting. I never assume that I can do this every time and call their vet. first. Ice on the area stung will also help reduce the swelling.



    Sorry about the tooth, MS, hope it heals well soon! Tooth pain is it’s own unique torture!
    Busy after holiday monday, got some great high end new business, will be great going into the holidays, as we will be taking 2 weeks off to move Son, enjoy holidays and have dau and SIL for 12 days!

    Hope everyone has a great week!

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