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    Johnny Appleseed was a real person. John Chapman (real name) was among the American settlers who traveled west, planting apple trees along the way, and sold trees to settlers. With every apple tree that was planted, the legend grew.

    So it’s not a kit … but too good to resist!



    Crossover pic –
    Includes Caturday’s rabbit.

    Learned this as a Girl Guide and it brings back memories of singing it while sitting around a campfire and a delicious meal in front of us.

    Had a funny thing happen today – mid afternoon HRH is pestering me for food, way too early for dinner but I give her a little snack. It wasn’t until I was cooking our dinner that I remembered we had just begun Daylight Saving and that is why HRH Shadz was pestering me. I feel so guilty.



    Good morning – funny pics and sweet crossover pic! This area’s sunny days and crisp, cool nights are ripening the local apples.
    MS, I remember the Johnny Appleseed tune too. How funny about HRH knowing about daylight saving when you forgot. A cat’s tummy keeps very accurate time!
    Mac’s ears are cool, a sure sign fall is on the way!



    MS – crossover pic – now that’s creativity!!!!! 🙂
    Now if I had me keyboard I could be singing that tune as I type. Cannot sight sing, but if I hear a tune I can repeat it, which kept me in G & S productions for many years, where I did meet ex-Mr. KJ. 🙄 Purrhaps there’s some app on I’Net, would not be surprised. or I could try the “comb and tissue paper” technique.
    The apple with the sharp knife/dagger. Dare I try this at home? I do have an Exacto which I use to pry backs off watches to change batteries (some cringe watching me do this!) Hmmm …
    If I came across a basket of shiny apples and adorable kits, which would I pick?
    Chilly out here, or looks to be. Off to DIY @ gym. Not fave instructor teaching, the one I like will not be back on bike for some time. 🙁 No worries, my wkt, my tunes. l8r.



    Good morning everyone! KJ, I cringed too just seeing you bent over a watch with an exacto getting ready to pry….you could stab something that you might not want stabbed….I speak from experience, 😆
    MS, KJ–great pics! I love the Grumpy cat “throw it hard enough” pic!
    I tried singing that tune by sight reading…I don’t think I’ve heard it before. Lovely tune and lyrics. I will have to learn it and sing it to Avery. I have been singing the “Tuppence” song to her from Mary Poppins since we feed the birds every day and she has books with birds and someone feeding them. She stumped her mom the other evening when she started belting out “Top a, Top a” and I got a text asking what does that mean!!?? It’s “feed the birds, Tuppence a bag” silly!!
    I love apples, GALA are my favorite!!



    LOL, great pics today!
    Well, the ‘boys’ got the water lines sorted …. having only hot water night before gave me a scalding face wash (delayed showering til next day), and we had to fill buckets and let them cool, then pour them in the back of the toilet tanks so they would flush …. ok, probably TMI …. but things are back in order (thankfully)

    We also closed in Miss Caddy’s ‘gap’ in her shed so the frogs can’t get in, and installed a cat door for her ingress/egress …. of course the ‘two adult toddler geniuses’ decided to staple two layers of bubble wrap tightly across the space ….. I told them we needed to do it right, and actually board it off, but they wanted a quick fix ….. of course, the next order of business was to teach Caddy how to use the cat door. Their solution – put her in the shed, and she’ll figure out how to get out through the door …. which she did – twice- quickly ….. but she wouldn’t come near it from the other side to get in …. so we worked yesterday with letting her in through the large door, and leaving her in , assuming she used the cat door to get out ….
    …. well, this morning when I went to feed her, I closed myself in the room and called her (knowing she’s hungry), sticking my had through the cat door, which she was sitting probably a foot from ….. I called, snapped my fingers and shook the crunchie bucket ….. she came closer, then closer, then flash! she’s inside, right behind me! …. she had made her ‘own’ cat door (clawed a hole in the bubble wrap) ….. *sighs* …. girl does things her own way! …. so for now, we’ll leave it til the ‘boys’ go back and ‘do it right’ (who was right??!!?) with proper boarding it up ….. *gloats*



    Lol at Caddy, AV. Love her already. I was just reflecting today on how girl cats tend to have certain personality traits…not to over generalize…and I’m only working with a sample size of four cats…but there do seem to be certain tendencies with each gender…and I love them both. Caddy sounds like a strong minded, intelligent girl.



    Paw up waving to all: Happy Monday! 🙂
    Fun vet/apple pic MS!

    kitty cupcakes
    Bringing in sweet li’l treat to put smile on your face – enjoy!
    Psst – Tux, need a cup of that fave brew, mwah – thanks makes great combo w/cupcakes!
    OK – back to part 1’sfun – still solo here…may be back/later!



    My fave apple would have to be our local Quebec Macs. I like that they are a bit soft and purrfect for my homemade chunky applesauce as in dice (peel on) throw in micro-safe bowl with some juice and maple syrup, sprinkle with cinnamon and cloves, like 4 mins (depends on amt) and done!
    I did discover a different apple. Cut it open and it was pink! Being of an enquiring nature I looked it up. It’s called a “Surprize” apple (sp is correct.) I was indeed surprised. Very nice texture/flavour!
    JJ, I guess they have Jersey Macs in your n’hood? 😉
    Think it’s time to get out the tights plus “they” predict rain all rest of week. Just got home from DIY spin class (looks like this is going to be the deal on MOANdays ’til instructor is recovered.) Must admit that I’m a very tough but good instructor – well only for myself. Hehehe.



    First things first – you should not be allowed to have that sharp of an item in you reach! 😮

    Your neighbors suck and throw it at her got me ROTFLOL.

    Love the concert-Greg Allman has a couple new songs. His daughter was lead singer. I left my jacket in the car and was very chilly. It didn’t dawn on me that sitting at the top of Red Rocks Amphitheater would be windy. 😳

    My kits know when Daylight Savings is because they climb all over me to feed them. That lost hour means, Whew, we are soooo starving.

    cupcakes…yumm. Thanks JK!

    We know you’re right AV and I’m glad Caddy helped make your point.

    I”m going to keep trying to post pics until I get it right.

    Cya and have a happy~



    Was wondering about the concert PG! Glad Greg is feeling better and back on his concert trail too. It’s all you can do is keep trying — about the pics! 😉
    AV, like ECB, I love Caddy already too! She sounds like such a character. Had to laugh at her clawing at the bubble wrap. She probably thought– “just let them try and see if this will keep me out”!
    KJ, get some cinnamon red hots some time and add them to your applesauce. They make it a pinkish red and give it the best cinnamon flavor!!
    JK, I’ll have one of those cupcakes please (hopefully chocolate) with a steaming cup of coffee. Yummm!


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Morning everyone, I finally remembered what the link to the TDK site was….don’t ask it’s been one of those months, lol.

    AV, I had read about Caddy just a wee bit, do we have pics yet?

    Going to look for the Surprize Apples, they sound interesting 🙂



    Hi ya Deb, I’ve missed seeing you! …. here’s a pic of Caddy, she has on a harness, but doesn’t wear it anymore, as she is Houdini …

    That’s her talking to A’tuin in the second pic



    PG, I’m still wondering if pics prob is Photobucket issue. They were actually helpful (surprise!) when I contacted them with an issue. At risk of being repetitive:
    Or could it have something to do with your going to a new ISP?
    In any case when I click on the url I do get to see your pic (s), so it’s a workaround. I am surprised that is a no-go ’cause their site has worked for me when Photobucket bailed. Now if you want and when I’m not AWOL from Café I could post your pics for you. It would not be a huge big deal, just to tide you over until things get sorted. Let me know either here or if you prefur offline.
    Glad that even though you might have frozen your a$$ off concert was well worth it!
    Tks for thinking of me ladies, if/when I use exacto I’ll take great precautions. *She said guardedly*
    KZ, tks for candy advice! Took a bit of rsch as everything has to be kosher, but I did find said candy in (relatively) local kosher confectionery. $10/lb and one can buy as little/much as one wants. The lady said even 100 lbs! Which I would not be able to carry LOL. Sounds like a plan.
    AV, Miss Caddy is a lovely noir!

    Check these slippers out. LLBean and IMHO way expensive, as in I’m not paying $78 for slippers, but still. Sadly they do not come in my size. 🙁 I would have a fun time should I ever find myself in Freeport, Maine where I could shop their flagship store 24/7! 🙂



    PG, something strange is afoot! Now your “coffee” pic is purrfectly visible. This has happened previously. Can it pawsibly take Photobucket hrs to get with the program? This is too much for my non-tech mind to fathom, but there it is! Yes!


    It’s me going into the posts and putting them in the image tags.



    Hi KM!
    My sister and her hubby took a drive up to Vermont this weekend, and bought apples and doughnuts. Hope she brings some to mom’s tomorrow, nothing like an apple cider doughnut! I’m curious to see what kind of apples she picked up. The apples on the trees in the vacant property behind my house are not quite ready yet. Oh and there is a cider mill not too far from here – fresh poured cider, yum!



    KJ, I admit to cringing a bit as well when you mentioned the knife, as I knew that pic is right up your alley! I’ve given some thought to taking a culinary class just to learn how to chop things – how do they do that without cutting themselves every time?? Every time I pick up a knife, I think, “be careful, be careful, be careful!”
    Glad the water issue is straightened out, AV. We have to get the buckets out and fill the toilet tank when the power is out, because we have a well that is run by an electric well pump. And how cool is Caddy? When you wrote about the bubble wrap, all I could think of was how much fun Comet would have chewing it up! The pic of her with A’tuin is adorable!
    ECB, you are so right about genders. Leela is in a league of her own – Comet and Mac are in her outer orbit! Outside, Mama Cat, Berta and Star are a bit catty, whereas Huey, Dewey and Louie are laid back.
    I want a cupcake! Are there any left?
    Can’t think of a favorite apple at the moment, but yes KJ, there happens to be a Jersey Mac right next to me! 🙂 The surprize apples sound interesting – I’m going to look for them too. Oh and those slippers are way cool, not paying that kind of $$ for them either, though.
    Cleaned up around the shelters today. I’m not set for the winter as I am going to move a few and need to replace the straw, but I’ve de-cobwebbed them so they are ready for what looks to be a few rainy days ahead. I also put the electric heating pad in the small covered carrier since it’s been getting chilly at night.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Oh Caddy is a beauty, love the black kitties…oh heck I love ’em all 😉

    Waves @ Tom, evening !!

    Waves at everyone !!

    Joan, cupcakes are just teasing, I haven’t eaten anything ‘sweet’ for almost a month now. Everyone at ‘that place’ is on a diet ( I am not) so feel guilty if I brought anything, plus just finished my 3rd round of steriods which put back on the 15 lbs I lost, ugh.

    AV, ouch on the water line mix-up, I like warm/hot baths but not scalding hot ones.

    My outside kitty who still won’t let me really closer than 3 ft, was sleeping on the back porch last night. He knows I put down food before I go into ‘that place’ because I don’t want the birds to eat it. Well he came out and just froze because I was about 2 ft from him, told him that if he wanted the wet food (good stuff) he just had to put up with me putting it down, he must have listened because he chowed down as soon as the door was shut and locked.



    Tks KM :-),
    This is very kind of you and explains the time delay. I also offered to do this, but I’ll leave it in your capable hands unless told otherwise. And here I thought that it just might be the work of Ceiling Cat (Basement Cat’s polar opposite.) 😉

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