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    It’s come as you are, pj’s and slippers are fine, the kits can go nekked. Anyone not celebrating Christmas, anyone alone, anyone who’s never been inside the Café, anyone who just wants to chill and chat, please stop by.



    I’m not one to spend the day in pyjamas or a nightgown, but nowadays there are “soft” garments that we can pretend we are using for yoga or other exercise…

    Livia isn’t in the nude; she is wearing a beautiful plush black coat that shows off her green eyes. As for Sphinx kitties, those I’ve met here are not happy campers; they are always cold.

    I’m a) cleaning the house b) working on a translation c) writing to friends overseas and d) watching a vaguely Greek artichoke and spinach gratin cooking in my little convection oven. Not to mention petting Livia. Don’t intend to set foot outside today as we have more bluidy S-N-O-W. Had a réveillon downstairs with a neighbour and another friend – a codfish pie and other vegetarian and fishy things. And a good dry Chablis.

    An annoyance of this time of year is that the postal system has slowed to a crawl. Few people send Christmas cards nowadays, but there has been a huge upclick in parcels ordered online. Hence the cheques owed to me are in limbo somewhere. Some clients now pay into my account but not all of them.

    I’m drinking a bottle of San Pelligrino which I’d forgotten in the fridge. Nice to have some bubbly water; I was about to make more coffee but I’d had enough for the day…

    Having seen friends last night, I’m perfectly happy to spend the day alone in the sense of no human company in the house (though no feline company would make me lonely).



    Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, and a very happy Hannukah to any who celebrate!

    After presents both kitties came over to investigate, and Mephistopheles is apparently QUITE fond of wrapping paper~ I’ll be putting the ham in the oven in a few moments, and from the smell in the kitchen the Christmas Punch is just about ready. We celebrated Solstice this year, so the presents and dinner are really only a secondary formality at this stage, but who doesn’t love leftover ham sandwiches and scalloped potatoes???

    Hope the day finds you all bright eyed and bushy-tailed in the “excited by catnip” variety and not the “terrified of the doorbell” sort~ Much love from me and mine!



    Merry Christmas all
    It’s Boxing Day here and we are busy preparing for the third family dinner in two days. Thankfully it’s easy food, BBQ and salads with any desserts left over from Christmas Day. We have an overcast day with rain and thunder forecast but warm temps.
    As for come as you are I’m in shorts and a T-shirt and have been up for hours as HRH Shadz woke me up before 6am by licking my face. Really Shadz?
    Lagatta your cooking sounds rather intriguing. As for the post here we only get it every second day because there are less mail being sent so everything is so much later now. You have an enjoyable quiet day with Livia and a good wine while keeping warm and cozy.
    Kincaid, Mephistopheles certainly looks happy playing in the wrapping paper like a bike kitten. Mmmmm ham, of course it being Summer here we have our ham cold and then it’s cold ham for the rest of the week.
    You have a wonderful day too.



    Kincaid, Miss Lilith’s snowy white bib and matching boots are gorgeous. And Mr. Mephistopheles seems to be having a “devilshly” good time with the gift wrap – pun intended!

    Tks MS, not my holiday but still. Hope that you are enjoying time with your family. Here it is slated to get colder and colder and colder, ie -19C!

    At present I’m in my warm flannel nightie and basically flat out on the couch. Last week’s crud has become a gastro thing. Still went to the gym and don’t know quite how what with cramps/runs and all. I’m trying the white rice/toast/tea thing but feel very weak as I have few resources to start with. Whatever. Will speak with a health prof tomorrow. And Dorry trying to pounce on my stomach is not all that much apurr-eciated.

    Interesting how when one feels bad one cannot recall feeling OK, at least in my case. Feels like I’ll never eat reg nomz again. Or want to.

    Going to open tomorrow’s Café and go back to watching good mini-series “Alias Grace” and purrhaps nap.

    Oh, before I felt really cra**y I checked out a coat that I’d ordered at a good sale price on Thurs. Well, today price had been lowered a further $30 so I called store. As it was within 7 days they will adjust my ccard to reflect the sale price. A try that was worth it!



    Moonshadow, you are many hours ahead of us as it is suppertime of the 25th and Boxing Day is tomorrow here.

    There was a plan here to reduce postal delivery days, but now there is such an uptick in parcels that they’ve kept the old schedule. The GOOD wine was yesterday, at my neighbour’s house, but I do have some leftover wine to sip on this evening. The gratin is actually rather good. It is vegetarian, not vegan because of the béchamel, but the friend I made it for isn’t vegan either.

    I love Kincaid’s two black cats: both the solid black and the tuxie.

    Edited to add: KJ, so sorry you are feeling like cr*p…



    Kincaid, it’s wonderful to see Mephistopheles and Lilith so happy together! He was definitely meant to become part of your family.



    I hope every one enjoyed their day. I was at my nephews place. The morning visit was for presents and the evening was for dinner. This time was relaxing because the sis and BIL who are raising feral children weren’t able to make it. The pass was shut due to snow and ice…shucks!

    Miss Lilith and Mr. Mephistopheles are an adorable couple. I know you were concerned but adopting Meph was a brilliant decision.

    I wonder if the Noir kit got his udder fang! 😆

    My kits got Salmon for Christmas dinner.

    Warm fuzzies to all



    Tks Lagatta.

    PG, feral kids – ROTFLMAO!

    Getting into cosy warm bed in the hope that tomorrow will be better day.



    I think all cats are on the naughty list, but Santa’s a big softie and when he sees their angelic faces he has a change of heart.

    Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

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